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To be annoyed with my neighbours parking??

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DoctorHarleen · 19/07/2017 18:19

My neighbours from three doors down have visitors several times a week, fair enough no problem with that.

They also never park on the road, always on the grass verges. Again, fair enough right?

Except, they park outside my house and it shouldn't bother me but it does because I live on a corner. So the way they park their car makes it difficult for other cars to get in and out of our street.

There's a park near here too and we have loads of kids around and even if we didn't imho there is no excuse for obstructing other peoples views when coming into our road!

I've left them like three notes and they've all been ignored and they're still doing it. So I'm strongly considering calling somewhere like the council to log a complaint. Some of my neigbours agree with me, others think I should leave it.

AIBU? Should I just try and ignore it??

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JustKeepDancing · 19/07/2017 18:24

Is the pavement in front of the verge double yellowed? I suspect the council won't do anything if not, which is annoying. YANBU though - just because you can legally park doesn't mean it's safe to do so
I can't stand it when people park on the grass verge though, so if it was "my" verge I'd be really tempted to go down the hideous but effective stones on the grass approach


DeliciouslyHella · 19/07/2017 18:25

YANBU to be annoyed.

YABVU to post a parking thread without a diagram.


DoctorHarleen · 19/07/2017 18:38


Will this do? Blush

OP posts:

PersianCatLady · 19/07/2017 18:40

It sounds like where I live.

There is a dropped kerb along the whole of the pavement so that people don't park there and block the road.

As there is no pavement on the other side of the road people need to use the pavement for walking on.

When we bought the house it came with covenant that we were not to park on the roads, so we don't but everybody else does.

Every night when I walk the dog I cannot use the pavement.

To be annoyed with my neighbours parking??
To be annoyed with my neighbours parking??
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