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BBC gender pay gap in this day and age

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Fidoandacupoftea · 19/07/2017 15:51

As a a working professional and mum to DDs, I am depressed and frustrated. I honestly can't see how the Beeb can justify such a big gap, are men that much more productive or the women just rubbish. AIBU to expect our tax money to not contribute and reinforce gender discrimination

OP posts:

thatstoast · 19/07/2017 16:29

I agree with the sentiment although I think it's important to note that it's Sex discrimination, not Gender discrimination. Also, it's potentially an equal pay issue rather than a sign of the gender pay gap if it can be proven that women doing the same work as men are not paid the same. There was a very awkward moment on Daily Politics today where Andrew Neil commented that he was on the list but Jo Coburn was not as she does not earn more than 150k. I would argue that their role is equal in terms of the Daily Politics however I acknowledge that Andrew Neil does other work.

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