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To ask if this is normal for nursery school children??

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Spudthecat · 19/07/2017 15:49

I applied for my son to join the nursery at the school my children go, it's the first time any of mine are going nursery and it says he is expected to wear school uniform, is this normal? All seems abit formal to me?? Don't know whether to look for a different nursery

OP posts:
AssassinatedBeauty · 19/07/2017 20:41

It doesn't seem to be the norm here, for private nurseries at least. Some of the preschools have a uniform, that's one small reason why I wasn't keen on them.

MrsClegane · 19/07/2017 20:44

Yup normal at our school.... same uniform as the rest of the school. Its nice seeing them all in the same uniform, and I prefer it as if they get paint or dirt on the uniform I really don't mind/care... I'd be a bit annoyed if I sent her in her own clothes and they kept getting ruined!!!

RedStripeIassie · 19/07/2017 20:47

Dd last one had an optional fleece type top.

Now there's no uniform for nursery.

BackforGood · 19/07/2017 20:47

I think probably most common is that they wear the sweatshirt to match the rest of the school. Never heard of a Nursery having a PE kit.
It's not worth changing Nurseries over though (even if others still have places) - their feet are likely to grow in next 7 weeks or so anyway, so you'd be replacing his shoes wherever he goes.
IME, wearing a uniform just makes everything much more straightforward every morning. It really isn't worth changing Nurseries over, even if it wouldn't have been your choice.

Spudthecat · 19/07/2017 22:36

It wouldn't be more straight forward as he is afternoons so I would still have to dress him in the morning to take them to school then change him in the afternoon ready for nursery?! Seems bizarre think I will look for someone else

OP posts:
toffee1000 · 19/07/2017 23:24

Not normal at my local primary. They have a t-shirt and sweatshirt (different colours depending on 'group') but apart from that it's own clothes. When I went there I mostly went in t-shirts and leggings. They had a t-shirt and sweatshirt (different logo) but it wasn't compulsory. By the time my brother attended wearing the t-shirt and sweatshirt was much more of a thing.

BlackeyedSusan · 19/07/2017 23:28

I was the only parent who did not make their child wear uniform trousers at nursery on the grounds that they did not make them in 18month size. By the time he started school he was in age 2 trousers

AssassinatedBeauty · 19/07/2017 23:29

The uniform isn't going to be compulsory, they can't enforce it on pre-school children. So if the pre-school is otherwise ok then maybe you could consider just using the elements of the uniform that you find helpful. So maybe just send him in the school jumper on top of his own clothes.

womaninatightspot · 19/07/2017 23:35

Ours has an optional fleece/jumper. Wouldn't be overly keen on full uniform. Easier toilet wise to be in cotton joggers at 3?

Spudthecat · 19/07/2017 23:38

Oh that's true about the toilet aspect as well didn't even think of that! As even my 5 yo struggles with his buttons/hooks

OP posts:
MrsPringles · 20/07/2017 08:13

Yes normal. My DS is going in september, he would have just turned 3 (August baby!) and will have to wear jogging bottoms, polo shirt and sweatshirt with school logo.

Will also need a book bag

kkkkaty123 · 20/07/2017 08:16

My dd is optional. I choose not to buy a uniform as she will be in one for years and she has loads of clothes that need to be worn. However it is a fantastic nursery and school and if it was compulsory then I would still be sending her. ( we were lucky to get a place )

SuburbanRhonda · 20/07/2017 08:19

What is your objection to uniform OP?

NataliaOsipova · 20/07/2017 08:19

Yes - my two wore school uniforms in nursery.

Notreallyarsed · 20/07/2017 08:25

Our nursery has an optional uniform, polo shirts/tshirts, sweatshirts/fleeces and a waterproof coat all branded with the nursery badge. I get it for our 2 because it looks nice and smart and keeps their home clothes separate and undamaged. Most of the local nurseries attached to schools have a compulsory uniform though, same sort of idea.

MiaowTheCat · 20/07/2017 08:33

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

KrayKray00 · 20/07/2017 08:38

I've noticed the children who go to a school attached nursery wear a uniform and private nursery wear their own clothes. Mine where's his own clothes and he looks rather scruffy because of all the playing they do (painting, sand, water, food) and some of the little girls always look dressed up, best shoes and matching outfits why?! I think children look so smart in a uniform!

KrayKray00 · 20/07/2017 08:38

Wheres* wears

CCK26 · 20/07/2017 08:41

My 4 year old (he was 3 when he started) is just finishing nursery at the school. They wear full uniform - trousers, shoes, polo shirt, school sweatshirt and elasticated tie, the same as the rest of the school. It looks nice and smart, it's hard wearing and saves his own clothes, and when they join the rest of the school for assemblies, they all look fab. He absolutely loves wearing it as well.

ClarkWGriswold · 20/07/2017 08:41

Yes it's normal. My DD's went to a private day nursery not attached to a school but still had to wear a little uniform when they transitioned to pre-school there.
They just had a nursery logo tee shirt and jumper and I used to put them in a grey jersey type pinafore in winter and black shorts in summer.

Mrsglitterfairy · 20/07/2017 08:43

Yeah normal round here too. For the nursery attached to school where they would go from 3, they have to wear the same uniform as the rest of the school. They also share a playground with reception and attend the same assemblies etc.
Ive only ever seen it different at private day nurseries

CCK26 · 20/07/2017 08:44

Oh, and to add - they have a PE kit as well, same as the rest of the school. Shorts in the school colour and the school tshirt, with a pair of plimsolls. They didn't use them in the first term, but get them changed once a week for pe since Christmas.

Abetes · 20/07/2017 08:48

My dc went to nursery attached to the independent school they ended up going to. Wore full uniform. So much better. No arguing over which clothes to wear, no worries if they got paint on them, everyone fits in. Nursery children played with reception children at playtime so having the uniform made everyone look and feel the same. Going to big school was also then no problem.

Coffeetasteslikeshit · 20/07/2017 08:56

Our pre school introduced a uniform after my DC started there but they never wore it. There's no way in hell I was dressing my kids up in uniform at that age. If the uniform had been in place when they started, I'd have sent them elsewhere.

juliasalinger · 20/07/2017 09:00

This surprised me too but turns out to be very common. Ours was logo polo shirts and sweaters but not the tie worn by older years.

Is it the school he is likely to attend? If so, or even if not, then really it's not a good reason to rule out a nursery that you like otherwise. He could just get dressed in the uniform in the morning surely (unless is it full collar and tie?).

We bought Asda £3 elastic waist school trousers which have a pretend fly but just pull up and down like joggers. They have been very durable and comfy. I know what you mean about shoes. Clarks do trainer-style black school shoes in their dinosaur range for that age which is a good compromise and can be worn with normal clothes too.

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