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Just because it's cheap or free does not mean I need it

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freshlysqueezey · 19/07/2017 09:43

My DP does this all the time just because it's cheap or free does not mean I need it, honestly I'm sick of him buying/acquiring shit that I don't want or need but hey it was cheap it might come in handy......AIBU?

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Crispbutty · 19/07/2017 09:45

I think I'm your DP Grin


PumbletonWakeshaft · 19/07/2017 09:53

YANBU. My dh is addicted to freecycle. Always asking me if I want a free exercise bike/patio set/fence panel. He's hooked!

However to give him credit, yesterday he was working with an elderly patient who had swollen ankles and needed a recliner
He hopped on freecycle, found a reclining lawn chair just around the corner from her house, rang them up and they brought it straight round.

I'm realising sometimes its a good thing (when it's for other people) Wink


GloriaV · 19/07/2017 09:55

Yes, I hate this. I used to go on days out with a friend , art gallery or something . She would always take any free leaflets available- local walks, gardens, art exhibitions, new cafes etc - when you plan to visit somewhere research what's on, do t pass me stuff I will bin (recycle) as soon as home


Blondielongie · 19/07/2017 10:03

I have a relative that does the opposite with cast offs.
'These shoes were $200, you should want them'
Just because something is expensive doesn't mean it's not hideous!


freshlysqueezey · 19/07/2017 10:41

I'm pleased I'm not alone
To be fair he has got a few great bargains in sales but sometimes he needs to say no

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Petalbird · 19/07/2017 10:45

My dp got the message when I started taking the stuff back he's got a lot better now


araiwa · 19/07/2017 10:50

I was backpacking in India and someone was trying to sell me this elephant made of stone-probably weighed 10kg.

He kept reducing the price but couldnt understand that the price wasnt the problem, i just simply didnt want to carry the thing around!!


TieGrr · 19/07/2017 11:26

My parent's back garden is filled with crap because my dad insists on collecting things and refuses to get rid of anything. They had an extension put on to the house and he wouldn't get rid of the old slabs that used to be on the side of the house in case they came in useful Hmm


WonderLime · 19/07/2017 11:29

That sounds like the contents of my wardrobe. Everything item i own is from a sale or outlet, and I really don't like any of it!

But all in the name of a bargain! Blush


freshlysqueezey · 19/07/2017 11:47

My house and garden are like steptoes yard
If does get me down sometimes tho

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