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To send this work email? Work related

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TheKrakenSmith · 19/07/2017 05:22

So, long story short, I'm an English teacher in Hong Kong, I've got a 12 month contract, I'm 11 and a half months in. It's a language centre, we offer group English lessons.
I love my job, and frankly I've made this company plenty in my time here, I work hard, the parents and kids love me, and I've no end of positive feedback from every angle. At my six month review I was told I'd been considered for management if I hadn't already decided to come back for my PGCE.
Then, Friday morning, we got a call saying my very dear relative is in hospital, unlikely to come out, has days, maybe weeks. She's 97, and I cannot bear the idea of not seeing her. I begged my manager to release my contract early, they said no.
There's no notice period in my contract, because we aren't 'allowed' to break contract. There is a discretionary fine that can be applied, amounting to £2500.
They have decided to fine me for leaving early, despite the circumstances. Luckily, my family has pulled together so I can come back. But I want to email my colleagues, on my last day, to tell them what has happened. AIBU?

OP posts:

GirlcalledJames · 19/07/2017 05:32

YANBU. But assume that your mail will be forwarded to your manager and don't write anything in it you wouldn't want them to read.


araiwa · 19/07/2017 05:32

I sympathise.

Some language schools are known for being harsh as many have suffered previously from teachers just leaving. I have done this job and know how it is. 2 weeks seems very harsh though

I dont see how emailing colleagues will do anything and the tefl world is small and it might cause you future issues if you want to go back to hk. Id leave it.

How did you pay your fine? Or did they just not pay you salary owed?


TheKrakenSmith · 19/07/2017 05:37

My manager isn't talking to me. Like literally she just left to go on holiday, (lunchtime here), and didn't even say goodbye to me. My classroom door was open and she isn't going to see me again, possibly ever.
I am hoping not to go back into TEFL, but my company is not well liked. To have left in a bit of a storm wouldn't affect my prospects, given that their procedures are well known. And yeah, they're just taking my salary. And they don't even have to fine me. They just, can? I guess.

OP posts:

araiwa · 19/07/2017 05:40

Do you have time to speak to department of labour/ employment and/ or a lawyer before you leave?


TheKrakenSmith · 19/07/2017 05:42

Unfortunately not Araiwa but there's nothing they'd do anyway. There's not a lot of protection here really. It's in my contract, that they MAY fine me for leaving, with or without notice, so there's nothing I can do. I just can't believe after all the work I've put in they could be so callous.

OP posts:

Bobbiepin · 19/07/2017 05:43

Nothing written down. You are hurt, (rightly so, heartlesa bastards) but it will come back to bite you. Tell your colleagues, tell them to tell everyone but putting it in an email can potentially harm your future. Education is a surprisingly small world and if you piss off the wrong person you will find it very difficult to get a job, even if that person is thousands of miles from home.

I'm so sorry for your loss though Flowers


araiwa · 19/07/2017 05:50

Just vecause its in a contract doesnt mean its legal or enforceable.

I had a colleague in Thailand who reported his school to dept of labour and used a local solicitor to sue them. He won and the school got severly reprimanded by the government. If he could do that in thailand im sure you could try in hk.

If you get paid monthly youre gonna lose w weeks pay? If youre leaving with no notice at all that seems fair enough. How do they fine you? What happens if you just go home?

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