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AIBU in feeling spiteful towards my neighbours over washing lines in communal garden

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MissTerry2r · 18/07/2017 23:46

I live in a rented flat from social housing. There are 16 flats in my stair and a number of flats from the building next door (not sure how many) who all share the garden. My flat is the only one owned by a social landlord. the rest are owner occupied or privately rented. I have been here for 10 years and throughout the whole time no one has taken interest in the garden leaving it overgrown and untidy. Recently my partner and I got together with some neighbours from the other building and decided to tidy up the garden where we invested a lot of our own time and some small expenses to do so. We tried to encourage other neighbours to get involved but got zero response.
Since putting all this hard work in quite a few of the neighbours have started making use of the nice new garden. My gripe is not that they are using it but the fact regarding how selfishly they are using it at times where they previously had no interest whatsoever causing it to become greatly neglected.
When the garden was completed I started hanging out my washing regularly. The poles were already there but i bought the ropes which go all the way round to make 5 lines in total. I had no problem if others wanted to use it otherwise I wouldn't have put the line all the way round. Just last week I went to bring in my washing and someone had not only moved my things from the line they were on but had taken the pegs off and haphazardly flung it back over another line with no pegs. Some of it lying on the grass. There were other lines they could have used so I have no idea why they felt a need to do this. When I next went to the garden there was washing hanging up with my pegs! the reason I know is because my dog chewed some of them and others had nail varnish on them courtesy of my niece who wanted to paint them a nicer colour. So i now have an idea of who did this. it was very obvious it had been moved on purpose but for what reason I don't know. AIBU to be really pissed off about this? As I mentioned before people using the garden now its all been done isn't the problem but the sheer lack of respect for my property as someone who put the hard work in so everyone could use it is whats really angered me. Today I went out to find that some of the neighbours have taken the liberty of removing the washing ropes with the intent of just putting them up when they need to use them. So far I have managed to refrain from spitefully removing the washing of the person who did it to mine. I am half tempted to put up my own rotary washing line with padlock in the part of the garden that was previously overgrown as it is not currently used for anything in particular. However, if I do this it may upset other neighbours since the garden is communal so i can't really claim a particular space for my own use. I don't want to buy another rope for the poles even if I remove it between uses because I don't doubt my washing would be removed again by my selfish neighbours. I generally keep myself to myself and don't know my neighbours on a personal level and I quite like it that way. But I feel like i can't even use the garden as I wish even though only 4 of us made it a nice place to spend time and no one had any interest before whatsoever. FOR 10 BLOODY YEARS!! My flat does not overlook the garden so I can't even keep an eye on it if I only put it out when Im home. i just can't get over how ridiculously selfish my neighbours are and their lack of respect makes me so fucking pissed. Would it be spiteful to put a rotary line in the unused ground and padlock it when I'm not using in hope that no-one will complain about me putting it there?
I am open to suggestions. Any at all. Although I'd rather avoid confrontation as it could make things worse and ill never be able to hang washing out or just relax with a book for fear of repercussions. Help!!

OP posts:
BMW6 · 31/08/2021 16:02

If this had happened to me I'd have taken the "usurpers" washing off the line and taken it home along with my washing and my pegs!

Then wait for someone to ask where their washing is..........

as for the cutting down of the washing line that YOU bought and put up, that's just cunty and I'd put a note on the pole to say so. PITA to have to put up a line every time and take indoors when finished, but what more can you do?

PrincessNutella · 31/08/2021 16:03

I age that washing isn't very nice in a community garden. Can't you hang it out the window as the Italians manage to do? Or even attach it to a pole from your window to a pole or something else?

ComDummings · 31/08/2021 16:08

Zombie thread

CaptainHammer · 31/08/2021 16:22


There are 38 flats here can I have a line in communal garden

You may want to ask someone where you live not post on a 4 year old thread to ask a random mumsnetter
BMW6 · 31/08/2021 16:32

Ah FFS Angry

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