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To think my son's school dinners are pretty crap

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hottestmumonhere · 18/07/2017 18:39

My Son is in Reception class and I'm not impressed.

His main meals seem okay. Bit standard like lasagne and pasta bake but his dessert are literally sponge cake and custard of a different variety every day.

He has fruit available and salad but it just looks a bit unappealing.

For those of you with children in state school, does this seem normal?

Could you tell me what your child's school dinners are like?

OP posts:
ComtesseDeSpair · 18/07/2017 19:38

Considering they're catering for all tastes on a limited budget it sounds okay, if uninspiring. I think school dinners have been ever thus. I remember little of school dinners when I was a kid apart from some weird bacon and cheese flan thing, everything coming with a side of frozen mixed veg cut into tiny cubes, and bland sponge cake swimming in custard in hues of pink and green. But I'm sure it was hot, filling and no more or less nutritious than the average 1990s packed lunch - which was generally a cheese sandwich, a packet of Monster Munch, a banana and a wrapped Viscount biscuit.

Afterthenight · 18/07/2017 19:44

Massively depends on the school. Dds first school was a village primary. They actually had a cook still. The meals were amazing and she worked with the kids to see what they liked and would like to try. Thursdays was always a proper roast dinner and when it was cold they got hot chocolate with marshmallows.

When we had to move I got a shock to be honest, awful warmed up stodge, same size portion for year R and year 6. Really rubbish. Many don't even have proper kitchens though now to be fair.

potatoscowls · 18/07/2017 20:56

Okay, so I'll admit I'm pretty greedy but... what's wrong with having dessert every day?

Fruitcocktail6 · 18/07/2017 21:00


Sounds like that school just puts salad after everything to make it sound healthy.

What the heck is macaroni cheese salad, or does it mean AND salad?

grasspigeons · 18/07/2017 21:15

The meals here vary. Some are very good, some less so. The mains all have a starch, protein and veg. The cottage pie and roast are are great. I'm less impressed with the burger and the pork meatballs. The fish and pasta dishes are fine.

The puddings aren't all cake here. There is a lovely fresh fruit salad, yoghurt, cookie and milk, jelly with fruit, flapjack. A lot of the sponges are basically a vehicle for a fruit so apple drizzle cake, cherry cake, pear crumble.

PoptartPoptart · 18/07/2017 21:43

Don't worry too much op. The law regarding sugar/salt in children's school meals now is very strict. I work in a school and all the cake/sponge puddings are so bland (due to lack of sugar) that half the kids don't take it or eat it anyway! There is always loads left over in the staff room after lunch and even the adults don't touch it (and teachers don't usually refuse free cake Grin)

Chocolatecake12 · 18/07/2017 21:48

He doesn't have to have school meals. You do have a choice to give him a packed lunch

TwatteryFlowers · 18/07/2017 22:15

I honestly don't mind my dc having cake & custard for pudding every day if that's what they choose (they have a choice of that, fruit or yoghurt and ds seems to mix it up and have fruit one day and cake on another).

I agree with the pp saying that that's what we had as children and I didn't grow up thinking that it was the norm to have something sweet straight after a meal. The only time we had cake was at school or at Christmas and birthdays.

I also agree with the pp saying that if you don't like your dc eating so much cake, switch to a packed lunch. Why try to ban or change it for everyone else simply because you don't agree with it? Other children need the stodge and the calories (yes, fair enough, they could get it from fruit or whatever but that still contains loads of sugar - probably more than school dinner cake tbh) and other parents are just happy that their children are getting a decent meal inside them.

SomewhatIdiosyncratic · 18/07/2017 22:27

I've eaten many a school dinner, both through my school years and time as a teacher. That's a lot of schools in a lot of counties. Menu choices have been fairly consistent over that time.

School puddings have neither resulted in weight issues or expectations of pudding with every meal despite 28 years of experience. Pudding at home is a rare treat and normally connected with fruit in the garden being in season.

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