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To ask for help/tips for 2nd interview.

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MrsNozzle · 17/07/2017 19:12

Hi all,

I've had a job interview today - clerical in a busy school environment. It was a point-based system for scoring interviewees. We also had two admin tasks.

Myself and one other candidate got the same amount of points so now we both have to come in (separately) and work a couple of hours in the post to see who gets the job.

I've been in retail for the last three years, but have 20+ years' previous office experience, but for various reasons my confidence levels have really dropped over the last few years. I know I did pants in one of the tasks (not enough time, excel formula hell) but think I did well in the actual interview and the letter writing task.

So, has anyone got any tips or similar previous experiences about this situation you can share? Is it just going to be a case now of which one of us 'fits' better, or is there anything I can do to show that I'm the right choice? !

Thanks in advance Smile

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peachgreen · 17/07/2017 20:05

If you're working in the post, what will that involve? Whatever it is, practice. I'd brush up on your Excel skills for a start. Other than that, just smile and be friendly with the team, as I'm sure part of it will be to see if you're a good team fit. But don't chat too much while you're working, given it's essentially a test. Good luck!


MrsNozzle · 17/07/2017 20:25

Thanks Peach! it's a quite a varied role, first point of contact, dealing with payments and invoices, sending out letters and emails, organising meetings, updating records, pretty much anything to help keep the school running on a day to day basis. Nothing I haven't done in the past, but I'm out of practice having been in retail for the last few years. I'll def have a practice on Excel.

I'm fine on Word, fast typist, good communication skills (I think) but yes, do have to watch the chattiness! Grin

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