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Is this a menopause symptom?

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NancyDonahue · 17/07/2017 08:11

In the past I've always liked summer. Not particularly keen on searing temperatures generally with our UK summers if I can get in the shade.

However this year I am struggling. I've hated the heatwaves. School sports day was excruciating. I was out on the field for 4 hours in 29 degree sun. I could have cried.

My body just seems unable to cope. I get so hot I feel ill, dizzy and grumpy. My heart sank this morning when I saw the blue sky and felt the heat already coming into the house. Luckily I WAH so I can stay indoors and keep cool but I still have the 40 min school walk twice a day which I detest in the heat.

Poor dc's are suffering because I literally can't do anything with them when it goes above 25 degrees unless it's somewhere with lots of shade or air conditioned.

I'm mid 40s. Could this be an effect of menopause?

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NancyDonahue · 17/07/2017 08:11

So sorry this was supposed to go in chat. Can it be moved?

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DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen · 17/07/2017 08:15

I've never really been able to function when it's over 25 degrees,and sitting out for for hours when it's 29 degrees would be excruciating for a lot of people menopausal or not!

Definitely I've become more heat intolerant the older I have got as have a lot of my friends who are 45+.

Istoletherainbow · 17/07/2017 08:17

It can be moved yes, if you report it to MNHQ. If I were you though, I'd just copy and paste it and add it to chat. It's not inappropriate it being in AIBU.

Regarding your original question though, no, it doesn't sound like a symptom to me. I know lots of people, usually women, who go from sun worshippers, to shade lovers.

Jupitar · 17/07/2017 08:22

I stopped being able to tolerate heat after having dd1, I just get hot and irritable really fast. I'm also now going through the menopause and yes it's made it worse, I just feel like I'm being microwaved.

No suggestions I'm afraid other than just wear cotton tshirts all the time, and carry a fan 😂

The80sweregreat · 17/07/2017 09:05

i hate the hot weather and its been worse since i hit 45 - 52. not sure if its peri menopause making it seem bad or just this very hot summer we#re having. the night sweats are horrible -
i can sympathise, but then i have never been good in hot weather really, prefer the cold.

NancyDonahue · 17/07/2017 09:12

Thanks all. I've started a thread in chat and asked for this to be removed.

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Elphame · 17/07/2017 09:12

Sounds like it. I was totally heatproof until I hit the menopause - I'd start to wilt a bit at 40C but up to that - bring it on.

Now I'm hot, uncomfortable and miserable at 25C

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