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Aibu to ask you to recommend a book to download on my kindle

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Iwanttobe8stoneagain · 16/07/2017 23:00

I'm about to head off on my hols and finally get some reading time. I love historical novels pref set around the reformation. Made my way through all the shardlake books and looking for something similar. Rarely get time to read and really looking forward to a good book

OP posts:

whippetwoman · 16/07/2017 23:01

Have you read The Essex Serpent? ''Tis good...


HunterCatsSlave · 16/07/2017 23:03

Someone told me the best book they have ever read is Pillars of the earth by Ken Follet. It's not my usual thing but the reviews are all good so I'm going to give it a go over my holidays. May be worth a look.


Storminateapot · 16/07/2017 23:05

If you liked Shardlake (I did) you might like a similar series by SJ Parris about Giordano Bruno. There's a few of those - cracking reads!


Storminateapot · 16/07/2017 23:06

Oh or Susannah Gregory books, they're great too.


Iwanttobe8stoneagain · 16/07/2017 23:14

Yes I loved the shardlake books got me through several years of a non sleeping DS. All the suggestions look great thanks I'll be a happy reader on my holidays -now just got to persuade DS how great kids club is

OP posts:

Storminateapot · 16/07/2017 23:19

I'm jealous you've yet to discover Bruno, I enjoy those just as much as Shardlake - they aren't such massive times though. Amazon has the first 3 as a set for £7.99 on kindle.


Storminateapot · 16/07/2017 23:19

Tomes not times


Iwanttobe8stoneagain · 17/07/2017 20:06

Hi just downloaded the set of three read the first 20 pages and I'm hooked. Thanks You'll find me glued to my kindle for the next few months😁. There's nothing like finding a great story

OP posts:

Code42 · 17/07/2017 20:35

Thomas Chaloner is another good series set around the Restoration. I couldn't get into Parris after the first one, but you've inspired me to have another go!


Code42 · 17/07/2017 20:36

(Sorry, just seen that I've misread Reformation for Restoration - must be because I'm on a Chaloner binge atmGrin)


Pengggwn · 17/07/2017 20:47

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

QuimJongUn · 17/07/2017 20:58

Yy to Pillars - it's in the Kindle sale atm too.

It's Wars of the Roses not the reformation but Sunne in Splendour is absolutely fantastic, one of my all time favourites.


GingerWh1nger · 17/07/2017 21:13

It's a YA book but I really enjoyed The Red Necklace - it's a magic/fantasy book but set in France during the French revolution.

Agree with Ken Follett's Pillars of the Earth series, couldn't put them down.

If you like historical novels, I'm also reading "A time-traveller's guide to medieval England". It's non-fiction, but very descriptive writing that draws you in, describing what you would see walking around in the Fourteenth Century - even the nitty gritty about what a merchant's house would be like indoors.


MipMipMip · 17/07/2017 21:31

Not what you said but with a historical connection - One Damned Thing After Another by Jodi Taylor. Have a read of reviews and see if it might be up your street. Very funny and getting very popular.


Daftmare · 17/07/2017 21:34

Another vote for Jen Follett. Also try Edward Rutherfurd - Sarum is ace.


LadyOfTheCanyon · 17/07/2017 22:54

Tracy Chevalier writes cracking historical fiction with lovely human twists.


Storminateapot · 18/07/2017 18:10

I'm another Jodi Taylor fan - they are clever & very easy reading.

Sharon Penman is another good one, although probably a bit heavier going. I agree The Sunne in Splendour is brilliant.


Clawdy · 18/07/2017 18:50

Ann Swinfen writes good novels about an Oxford bookseller in a series called The Medieval Mysteries, one I've just enjoyed is The Bookseller's Tale. They are pretty cheap on Kindle too.

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