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Noise from bar

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carefreeeee · 16/07/2017 18:56

A bar local to us has recently changed hands and now is having regular weekend private events held outdoors in a fenced off area. They play loud music and also have a loud PA system for karaoke/speeches. It is insanely loud and we live 200 yards away but can still hear it in the house, with the windows shut, whilst hoovering! We are in a residential area. Under the previous owners we never had any problems with noise or anything else - we are not close enough to hear people leaving at night.

Requests to the bar owner to turn it down were rudely received. The noise is driving me mad and it seems like it will be every weekend throughout the summer. I found their premises licence online and it only says music can be played indoors and the outside area can only be used until 7 pm. However the bar owner told me he is allowed to play the music and that if I have a problem I should go round and see him! A bit intimidating as we live so close.

Have made a complaint to the council but just wondering whether anyone else has experienced this type of problem and what the outcome was?

OP posts:
delilahbucket · 16/07/2017 18:59

Oh yes, repeatedly. It took a visit to the premises from environmental health, licensing, a police liaison officer (for the delightful patrons drinking on the streets at 2am) and weeks of video footage. We got there in the end.
Log everything and hound the council. Record noise, it is very helpful. I used Google Drive to share the videos with my contact in environmental health. Look up the licence terms online. The pub here has a cut off for live music and recorded music and a maximum decibel level specified. They also can only hold functions in a room that is sound proofed and patrons aren't allowed outside with drinks after 10pm.

delilahbucket · 16/07/2017 19:00

Sorry, just seen you've read the licence. So your complaint needs to be to licensing and environmental health. Submit two complaints, the department's often don't communicate.

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