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Should I cancel the party??

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AnstyPants · 15/07/2017 16:19

I've name changed as this will be quite outing

My DC's birthday party is tomorrow. It's been stressful as we are having work done on the house and it's still not finished. We have loads of people coming and I'm feeling anxious.
I'm an anxious person and worry about everything.
Now my guts feel awful and I feel sick. I suffer from IBS and am phobic of germs.
I have now convinced myself that I am ill with a stomach bug and should cancel the party because I don't want to pass anything on to the kids!
Just to note, I have form for this, thinking that I am ill when I have a flare up.
What should I do? Am I just being ridiculous??

OP posts:

Saiman · 15/07/2017 16:20

You cant cancel you kids birthday party.

It would be best to see it through then never arrange one at home again.


ThroughThickAndThin01 · 15/07/2017 16:26

Having arranged it, you need to go ahead with it.


AnstyPants · 15/07/2017 16:27

I know, I know. I'm just so bloody worried about making everyone ill!

OP posts:

ThroughThickAndThin01 · 15/07/2017 16:28

But you don't have a stomach bug? You're just nervous.


AnstyPants · 15/07/2017 16:29

Ok, I'm being daft

OP posts:

Floralnomad · 15/07/2017 16:31

Get a grip , and without being rude , you really need to deal with your health / germ anxiety so that it doesn't impact on your children .


Migraleve · 15/07/2017 16:32

You won't make anyone ill, I'm sorry but it would be awful to cancel


RebelRogue · 15/07/2017 16:35

Do you have a husband/partner or friends/family that can come in and help out? Might help you relax knowing that there is another adult to handle food/things,and as a result you will feel better, plus you can have a break if u feel overwhelmed.


Tissunnyupnorth · 15/07/2017 16:35

I think you know the difference between a stomach bug with vomiting & diarrhoea and stomach issues bought on by anxiety. Please don't use the latter as an excuse to cancel your child's party. It's about them tomorrow, surely, not you?


Nikephorus · 15/07/2017 16:36

Are you actually throwing up or running to the toilet? If not then you don't have a stomach bug to pass on & should battle on with the party for DC's sake (then feel free to consider not hosting one again!)


MsSusanStoHelit · 15/07/2017 16:50

Oh how miserable. Health isn't one of my anxieties but I have others so I can sympathise.

I think you know, though, that you're not ill, and that it's IBS - and I don't think you can cancel the party without upsetting your children a great deal.

However, it is tomorrow. You'll know by then if you are really sick and it's not a flare up and you can still cancel up to the moment if you're genuinely ill, people will understand.

Soothing thoughts and good luck with the party.


MyPatronusIsAUnicorn · 15/07/2017 16:55

You aren't ill so you won't pass anything on. IBS is affected by stress so the fact you are stressed is why it is playing up.

You cannot cancel your child's party! It would be terrible for them!


Babymamamama · 15/07/2017 16:59

Please ask for some supportive adult help. It may reduce your anxiety so the party can go ahead. Next time maybe book a venue. I find that easier than hosting at home.


AnstyPants · 15/07/2017 17:02

Grip got
Yes, just IBS and the party will happen.
Oh and I am getting lots of help to get over my issues, believe me! But a broken brain is not easy to fix

OP posts:

AnstyPants · 15/07/2017 17:03

And I obvs mean broken mentally, not physically

OP posts:

Saiman · 15/07/2017 17:05

Get help for the party. Not just help in general.

Keep rereading this thread if you have another wobble.

Just remember that you know you arent ill.

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