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Concerned for ebf/vegan baby

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NotTheCoolMum · 15/07/2017 12:38

More of a WWYD. Namechanged as identifying. Mum is vegan. Baby is 7 months old, ebf, sitting and playing, no developmental issues. But absolutely tiny. We hang out in the same playgroup and the child is smaller than a 3 month old. Mum has now begun weaning and says only vegan food.

This is not a debate about veganism. I get that mum has beliefs about diet and respect that. It is the size of the child that concerns me. Mum has said she was under increased monitoring for child dropping percentiles but is very much of the opinion that HV are just busybodies who know nothing. Not being monitored anymore, don't know the full story of why or when monitoring stopped. Baby was born at an average weight apparently. Mum thinks her child is just naturally small. I don't know if HV are aware that mum is vegan or is weaning with vegan foods.

I am worried because the tiny size could be a coincidence or it could be linked to the diet.

I'm not going to say anything to her as it would upset the friendship group. I could only report if the mumsnet wisdom is to report, would need help on how to do that if that is the right thing to do. WWYD?

OP posts:
Hannamarie0098 · 16/07/2017 13:30

I would consider breast milk vegan as the mother is wilfully consenting to breastfeeding the child.

GottonamechangeNow17 · 16/07/2017 13:35

My dd is tiny. She's now 6 but wearing clothes much smaller. She was still in 6-9 month old clothes T just over a year old. She's perfectly healthy; just small! If the health visitors were worried they'd do something.. mind your own!!

ethelfleda · 16/07/2017 13:38

Oh obviously you should suggest to your friend that she purees some chicken nuggets and milkshake for the baby... fruit and veg is so bad for you after all Hmm

Jupitar · 16/07/2017 13:41

I've recently gone vegan and the amount of vegan food available now is astounding. There's very little that you cannot get a vegan version of, and I mean very little.

There's nothing you would give a weaning child that you can't get a vegan version of.Even my corner shop is selling 5 different plant based milks and vegan cheese.

noplease · 16/07/2017 14:16

I'm vegan and so is my 1 year old. She's always been 50th percentile or above for weight and 50th for height so not a small baby at all. I don't think veganism is the cause of her having a small baby at all or being ebf as there are plenty of non-vegan formula fed babies who who will be small to I can imagine. That she's not telling the hv shouldn't be a problem either as she's not obliged to tell anyone her diet anyway and maybe she doesn't have a supportive hv? My hv has no concerns at all and is very supportive of a vegan diet.

WeAreEternal · 16/07/2017 15:26

DS is 10 he was weaned on and eat exclusively vegan food until the age of 8, he now eats eggs but is still a dairy free vegetarian.

He is very healthy and has never had any health problems.

If her DD is reaching her milestones and has developmental problems she is not malnourished and you should probably just mind your own business.

VikingLady · 16/07/2017 15:39

DS had no animal product in his diet until he stole some corned beef off me aged 18m. He was/is breastfed, but has dairy and egg allergy and had a severe choking problem as a baby so couldn't cope with the texture of meat, even blended. He's been between the 75th and 91st percentiles since birth - he's absolutely massive!

Recommend weaning she's have varied hugely over the years. Pre-formula the recommended age was 9m, and fruit/veg/cereal. And they were the last healthy generation! (Obesity/metabolic syndrome-wise)

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