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Glamping Hell

31 replies

AnUnhappyStudent · 15/07/2017 09:20

3 months ago my husband won (through work) a stay in 5* hotel in Marbella just for him.
This weekend we are glamping as a family in another break he has won and I am in hell.
Never liked camping and 'glamping' is no better.stayed last night and my back today is so sore. Also I have a disabilty that affects my mobility and he made no mention of this to the people who arranged the weekend. As a result we are in the tent furthest from the toilets and trying to get to them this morning in the dark was a nightmare.
The thing is that this is part of a team building thing with his work so would IBU to go home tonight (only an hour away) and collect DH and DD in the morning?

OP posts:

Namechangetempissue · 15/07/2017 09:22

YANBU. That sounds like the perfect solution to me.


PantPlot · 15/07/2017 09:24

Love how you mention the 5* hotel that was 'just for him' right from the get go. That's done burning resentment right there Grin

YANBU don't be miserable, go home and be comfortable


AnUnhappyStudent · 15/07/2017 09:26

Hands up I did resent that trip!

OP posts:

Sushi123 · 15/07/2017 09:28

Quite strange to give a 'holiday for one' as a prize...


SavoyCabbage · 15/07/2017 09:31

He's won a holiday for one and a glamping/team building holiday? Tell him to stop entering stuff where the prizes are awful.


AnUnhappyStudent · 15/07/2017 09:32

He works in sales so there are several winners at a time who go away together. Marbella had about 25 attendees and this one a group of about 30. Nothing strange about it.

OP posts:

SuperMoonIsKeepingMeUpToo · 15/07/2017 09:39

Go home! Without a doubt. With your condition that trip sounds like hell on wheels - and I say that as a seasoned camper! Family and as a Cub leader.


YetAnotherSpartacus · 15/07/2017 09:43

I've never heard of such a prize being just for one. Most hotel rooms are double by default.

I'd ditch the glamping forthwith.


onalongsabbatical · 15/07/2017 09:50

Forced to glamp? No, just no.
Go home OP!
Go home and enjoy your day. Flowers


LazyDailyMailJournos · 15/07/2017 09:52

YANBU. I can feel my lower back twingeing just at the thought of 'glamping'.


TiredMumToTwo · 15/07/2017 09:53

Walking from your tent to the toilets isn't glamping, that's camping! When I went glamping, we had a big double bed, ensuite bathroom and hot tub with our tent. Leave now - not what you signed up for.


Notso · 15/07/2017 09:55

Go home.
Camping however 'glam' is not for me. I strictly reserve it for festivals when I am far too drunk to care about my surroundings!


UrsulaPandress · 15/07/2017 10:04

You'd never catch me in a tent, no matter how much glam was attached. Go home.


AnUnhappyStudent · 15/07/2017 10:06

Doggy i would kill for that right now! I have cried off the activities and have hidden myself away with coffee and a magazine. Planning on escaping after lunch!

OP posts:

Rachel0Greep · 15/07/2017 10:21

Another vote for HOME, enjoy some blissful rest and relaxation. Brew


2014newme · 15/07/2017 10:23

Glamping doesn't exist. Camping can never be glamorous. Go home.


FlaviaAlbia · 15/07/2017 10:26

I love camping but I'm with you here.

Though I don't suppose you could book yourself into a hotel near a nice restaurant for tonight? You could have dinner cooked by someone else and a very comfortable bed and blessed peace and quiet.


Lelloteddy · 15/07/2017 10:38

Glamping is a crock of shite.


BoysofMelody · 15/07/2017 10:40

I normally hate portmanteau words but the word Glamping contours up images of Glam era David Bowie, Brian Ferry and Marc Bolan, bundling out of Morris Marina into a field and spending a week huddled over a Primus trying to heat a can of cream of chicken soup and arguing about whether the guy ropes are tight enough.


WindwardCircle · 15/07/2017 10:51

Please go home, there's no reason for you to have another uncomfortable night complete with toilet trek. Have a bath to ease your back then get yourself a takeaway delivered, put your feet up and enjoy a book or a movie and luxuriate in having the house to yourself.


VladmirsPoutine · 15/07/2017 10:57

Go home. However you dress it up it's utter shit.


notanurse2017 · 15/07/2017 11:04

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Oblomov17 · 15/07/2017 11:09

Glamping isn't walking to the toilet in the dark.
I only have a caravan, but even that has a double bed with proper high quality mattress, duvets, a wine fridge, a toilet.


viques · 15/07/2017 11:12

Go home, stop off somewhere on the way and have a lovely lunch, then when you get home have a long hot bath and an afternoon of trash TV.


Zaphodsotherhead · 15/07/2017 11:23

If it's sales team building - why on earth are the family invited? What the hell do they expect you to do, help build a raft with Phil from HR and Stephanie from Accounts? Who you don't know and don't know you?

Go home. Have a hot bath, some chocolate and watch the tennis. Let your OH, and Phil and Stephanie raft-build to their hearts' content.*

*I may have over-imagined this scenario.

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