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Council property viewing advice? Do I move?

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Miaoriely2017 · 15/07/2017 08:01

I currently rent through a housing association.
I've been on the councils list for 6 years but have never found anything suitable.
About 5 weeks ago I expressed my interest in a property in a nicer area and yesterday recieved a text inviting me to a "open viewing"
Does that mean lots of others will be viewing it?
It doesn't say how many have got priority over me,how will I know who they will over it too?
I'm worried il go and love it and not get it ..
Also if I do get offered it,do I take it?
I've just decorated my house lovely BUT neighbours dump rubbish in the street through rubbish over my fence (nothing gets done about it)
This property is in a nice neighbourhood,nice and clean and I've wanted to live there for a while.
It has a mixture of council /private houses and it just seems nicer

OP posts:

RedHelenB · 15/07/2017 08:41

Nothing ventured nothing gained!

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