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to be pissed off with DH for throwing away the first mothers day card my ds gave me?

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MamaG · 25/03/2007 09:46

I'm not a hoarder, far from it, I regularly de-clutter, but it was the first one he made for me

fcuking dh

OP posts:

lulumama · 25/03/2007 09:48

i'd be cross too , especially a hand made card..


nopudstilleaster · 25/03/2007 09:49

definitely not, for you.


Elasticwoman · 25/03/2007 09:50

If he put it in the paper-recycle, maybe you could scavenge it?

You are entitled to your feelings, but I have never held on to such things myself.


Kbear · 25/03/2007 09:50

As you said.... Men!


WideWebWitch · 25/03/2007 09:51

I wouldn't care, there will be plenty more


kimiTheEasterBunny · 25/03/2007 10:24

Oh mamaG that is sad, I have almost all the things ds1 and 2 have made like that in a shoe box covered in nice paper.
How your DH is really sorry, make him take you all out for Sunday lunch.

Bet he never tidys up as a rule either, MEN!


MamaG · 25/03/2007 16:03

he just doesn't think - it was my first hand made one from DS, who has just turned 3. I don't keep every single thing, but the "firsts" are nice to keep aren't they?

our recycling is collected on Thursdays, so no joy

OP posts:

HonorMatopoeia · 25/03/2007 16:10

I'd go mad! Sorry for the thoughtlessness of your dh - men (tend to) just not think

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