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Passive aggressive huffing or confrontation

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Wnpa · 14/07/2017 15:53

We had new neighbors move in about a month ago, we are in a link terrace with a gated off but public alley between the two houses. Our back gardens are accessed from this alley.
I've not seen much of them since they moved in, I've smiled at them whenever I have seen them but I'm met with blank stares (I feel on the hostile side but that's probably just be me!) . Not a problem, I'm happy for us to keep ourselves to ourselves.

My issue is that since they have moved in, the shared alley has been littered with loads of fag ends, where I assume they smoke in the garden and throw the butts over the fence. They also blow into our garden under the gate.

I've passive aggressively huffed loudly and swept them up myself a few times when they've got really bad, but I'm wondering if I should just knock on their door and ask nicely for them to stop?

My issue is I HATE confrontation of any kind- I'd rather keep sweeping them up than say anything. I think it would be different if they'd smiled back or acknowledged when I said hi as I could then mention it in general chit chat, but the thought of going and knocking on their door and causing an issue makes me feel sick. Part of me thinks they must know what they're doing isn't very nice, so why would they do anything about it just become I mention it?

So WIBU to just keep loudly sweeping them up, maybe choosing a time when I can hear them in the garden?! Or should I just get over myself and confront the situation?

OP posts:
monkeywithacowface · 14/07/2017 15:56

Sweep them up and put them back over their fence?

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