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Msqueen33 · 14/07/2017 06:52

I don't know if I'm BU but my dh and I have three kids. Two have autism and the last few years have been very hard. He works so I have sole care. One is 8 and the other 4 and is very severe and non verbal. Youngest wakes a lot at night so we don't get a full nights sleep. So sex has been off the table for a while as we're both too knackered. But my dh will sometimes stroke my breasts as he comes up to me, yesterday I was lying on my stomach on the sofa and he got on me and he started to grind against me. Not the first time he's done this. I find it really un sexy. I've told him this. It's a real turn off. And frankly pisses me off. Whilst I try and give him affection its been a very hard few years with both our younger two especially the youngest who has other health needs as well as autism. But AIBU to want to bury him in the garden for this?

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fairgame84 · 14/07/2017 06:57

YANBU I'll help you dig the hole 😉
I can't stand any sort of fully clothed grinding or dry humping. Why do some men think that it's a turn on? Confused


peachgreen · 14/07/2017 08:16

YANBU to not enjoy that particular form of foreplay, or to be annoyed that he did it despite the fact that you've already said you don't enjoy it. Very wrong of him.

However you do need to address (through communication) the fact that your marriage is essentially sexless and your DH clearly isn't satisfied with that. He should also be taking responsibility for this and should really be starting the conversation if he's the one that's not happy with the way things are. But one of you definitely needs to start it.

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