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To think unborn babies should be counted as disaster victims?

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pudding24 · 13/07/2017 21:46

I've just read that an unborn baby (7 months) was killed in the Grenfell fire disaster - thankfully the mother was not.

I've also just read that an unborn baby of 7 months was killed in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, and yet the official death toll is 6, not 7 or '6 + one unborn child'.

AIBU to think that - especially in the third trimester - the likelihood is that that baby would have been born and led a full and wonderful life, and therefore they are just as much a victim and should be included in counts and reports? Sad

OP posts:
happy2bhomely · 14/07/2017 11:13

I do think that the loss of a foetus should be included in reports but not in counts. I think it is important that it is recognised and considered when charges are brought. But it should be counted as a crime against the woman, not the foetus.

I have had 2 unplanned pregnancies. I have never had a termination. In my mind, I couldn't separate the physical 'ball of cells' from the spiritual, potential person that was real to me. For me, it would have been 'killing'.

I've had family members born at 32 weeks. I know they are real and aware and feel pain. I know that if we had lost them the pain would have been as real as losing a 1 year old or 10 year old, especially to their parents.

I also have a family member who had a termination at 23+5 for reasons other than medical. I know the pain she went through (at 15 years old) and still goes through years later. I know she delivered her baby that she didn't want and it was taken away before she saw it. I call it a baby deliberately because there is just no denying that what she delivered was a human baby. But I still defend her right to do what she did even if some would consider it murder.

I feel very strongly that a woman should never be forced to remain pregnant against her wishes. Even if that means terminating a fetus that could survive outside of the womb. So for that reason, I am against any law that gives a foetus rights.

I don't think a time limit is relevant. A baby can be loved at 6 weeks gestation and 40 weeks. The law can't account for love.

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