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To ask for positive stories RE swollen wombs? Happy endings?

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bea179 · 13/07/2017 14:26

New here. Posting here for traffic sorry it's wrong thread. I've only just lost my dear gran to cancer, and found out today that after a physical examination my mum is being referred to hospital to rule out any tumours on her womb because they discovered its swollen. I'm in my early 20s and live 250 miles away from my family. I'm in no way ready to lose my mum or even think about it! I've googled it (I know!!) and did read about fibroids but mum said the doctor told her if she had fibroids she would've been able to see them today. So just wanting to know if anyone else has been through similar?

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MinnieMolly12345 · 13/07/2017 15:23

I had some bleeding and a physical at the GP's where I was told I had an enlarged womb and referred to hospital. Turned out to be polyps, which were easily dealt with. Hope you mum is okay.


bea179 · 13/07/2017 16:58

That's reassuring to know. Thank you! Hope you're all well now Smile

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