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To not know what to do about the baby seagull

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LovelyBath77 · 13/07/2017 13:16

Which is outside the window. They nest on the roof (top flat) and sometimes the babies fall down into the area between the window and the outside wall. It's been cawing all night. Husband says they think it is like cliffs, the tall buildings. It is trying to open it's wings.

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grandOlejukeofYork · 13/07/2017 13:16

Nothing. There is nothing you should do, it will either die or it won't.

LovelyBath77 · 13/07/2017 13:24

It is very noisy, it kept DS awake last night. We could bring it in through the window and release it perhaps. DH says in the last they have learnt to fly off. Eventually.

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LovelyBath77 · 13/07/2017 13:24

feels like we're at the seaside with them all cawing and fussing. Wish could do something about it. They think the tall buildings are like cliffs.

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Lucisky · 13/07/2017 13:25

Well, if it concerns you that much, you could try phoning the rspca, but they are always very busy, and if the bird is not easily accessible there's not a lot they can do. If it were me I would just leave it. Seagulls are total pests in towns anyway, one less would be a bonus, but I know it is never going to be good to see a creature suffer. Can you reach it yourself?

gamerchick · 13/07/2017 13:27

if you can just grab it and put it outside for parents to sort out.

It may shit on its way through your house though.

gamerchick · 13/07/2017 13:28

They nest anywhere. They like a good flat roof from the nests I've seen.

LadyAddle · 13/07/2017 13:57

You might find this helpful.
Is there room for the adult gulls to drop down and feed the baby? I'm not clear about how far down it's fallen, and into how narrow a space. I've walked a young seagull through our ground floor passage to our back garden to get it away from a road after it came off the roof, and that worked out ok.

annielouise · 13/07/2017 14:44

You can take to your local vet but phone them first. I've taken more than one and the vet tends to treats them for free as wildlife. If okay to be kept alive my local one has a sanctuary they send them too. From what I've heard most vets won't charge you for taking a wildlife animal in.

LovelyBath77 · 13/07/2017 17:24


It has climbed up onto the top of the wall and is looking in, so hopefully if it can fly it will be OK. No, it has now returned to the gully and is keening. Mother seems to have abandoned it.

Dh says they have done this in the past and usually manage to fly off. We are pretty high though.

Thanks for the suggestions. Not sure if we can cope with it overnight too many times!

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LovelyBath77 · 13/07/2017 17:26

The gap is big enough for it to walk around in. Mum seems to have gone off though.

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LovelyBath77 · 13/07/2017 17:28

Ok it's a fledgling according to that site (thank you, v useful) like a proper gull but grey and speckled.

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Flofferton · 13/07/2017 17:34

The parents usually perch a couple of roofs away keeping a keen eye. I wouldn't worry.

LuckyTwiglet · 13/07/2017 17:56

Call the RSPCA. I had a seagull with a damaged wing stuck in my yard and they came round and rescued it. If not the RSPCA there must be local wildlife rescue places that could help.

LovelyBath77 · 14/07/2017 09:32

Update, RSPCA have called and taken details, going to call back about a plan for the seagull. Yesterday the children gave it a fishcake which it has partly eaten. It is making such a mess in the gulley outside the window.

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CheeseOfHearts · 14/07/2017 09:36

Aargh don't feed the bloody thing! You'll never be rid of it!

LovelyBath77 · 14/07/2017 10:33


The RSPCA have called and are on the way, they will be here in an hour!

Wonder what they will do. Hope they don;t carry it through the flat and it poos everywhere.

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LovelyBath77 · 14/07/2017 12:19

baby seagull removed by RCPSA man who climbed out to get it. Many thanks for the advice Flowers

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LadyAddle · 14/07/2017 21:07

Glad it was a happy ending! Baby gulls are idiots, there was a massive one stamping up and down Leith Walk in Edinburgh last year, I shudder to think what was that outcome - I was part of the traffic hurtling past.

Davros · 15/07/2017 11:46

I've had a few in my time. If you need to carry them, wrap them in a tea towel or something. Sorry, a bit late, pleased to hear it has been taken into custody 🐦

LovelyBath77 · 16/07/2017 09:59

Further fuss on this seagull story. DH and the kids got upset the RSPCA man had been and moved it and enticed it back with a pie Hmm but then it has finally flown off Not exactly helpful. they seemed to have got attached to it. It has finally flown though.

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