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To expect to go to the cinama and DH1 NOT be hit on the head by part of the door?

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kimiTheEasterBunny · 24/03/2007 13:58

Well that sums it up really.
Took DCs to the kids club as always on a Saturday morning and as we walk through the door part of the frame falls on to DH1s head . So we ask to see the manager who says oh I'm so so sorry but the door was locked last night???
She did say we could see the film for free saved £4.50 big whoop.

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sunnywong · 24/03/2007 13:59



LedodgyCheapEasterEggsAreASin · 24/03/2007 14:01

Dh1 is Kimi's first husband they are good friends but it confuses everyone on here

and no Kimi you aren't being unreasonable!


WideWebWitch · 24/03/2007 14:02

It sounds like no big deal, forgedaboutit

(Btw I have dh1 (ex dh) and dh2 too!)


kimiTheEasterBunny · 24/03/2007 14:03

Dh1 was all very good about it
I was fuming, thank god it did not hit one of the children!!!!!!!

Sorry about the confusion about DH1 and DP by the way.

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kimiTheEasterBunny · 24/03/2007 14:04

It was the whole top of the frame and the metal lock at the top, and it had screws poking out of it.

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Saturn74 · 24/03/2007 14:05

Yes you are being reasonable........
unless the cinema knew the film was going to be dire, and were helpfully concussing the patrons on their way in.

I'd write a letter and ask for more compensation that that though.


kimiTheEasterBunny · 24/03/2007 14:06

I worked out how to use the camera on my new phone bloody quick.

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hatwoman · 24/03/2007 14:08

sounds pretty lax to me - like yuo say what if it had been a child? complain in writing and specifically ask for reassurances that it has been put right and their inspection/health and safety proceedures have been adjusted to ensure it doesn't happen again.


kimiTheEasterBunny · 24/03/2007 14:10

They stuck a note on the door saying out of order but as the top lock had fallen off (smack on to DH1s head )they could not lock it and so people were still using it.

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kimiTheEasterBunny · 24/03/2007 15:11

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kimiTheEasterBunny · 24/03/2007 20:28

Think that bang on the head has done strange things to DH1. Just been to DFS and we agreed on a sofa

sorry to add to the confusion by going sofa shopping with DH1

OP posts:

NannyL · 29/03/2007 20:57

I had an extreamly small man in tesco (im 5ft 2 and i TOWERED over him) who was working somehow manage to drop a whole (empty) box on my head the other day

he was trying to reach it, knocked it off and it landed on me!

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