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kaytee87 · 10/07/2017 19:01

Cheekily posting here for traffic.

What age would you take a baby / toddler camping?

We were thinking about taking almost 1yo ds but wondering whether he'd be too cold and it would be better going next summer when he's bigger. Probably be around 9/10 degrees overnight.

OP posts:

MrsHathaway · 10/07/2017 19:09

This weekend we camped with a large group. Youngest child was about 12mo. Warmth overnight wasn't a problem, but routine was (one parent eventually gave up and took him home as it wasn't far).

We first took our youngest at 17mo and he was plenty old enough then.

Fleece onesie/pyjamas for his birthday!


Theducksarenotmyfriends · 10/07/2017 19:10

We're going in a couple of weeks as a trial run and dd is 7 months (we've got a camper van though). We're going somewhere nearby though so if it all goes wrong we can come home!


RocketPockets · 10/07/2017 19:12

We went camping for the first time when my little boy was 4 months and he was fine overnight, we just made sure he was wrapped up warm as it did get quite chilly!


Patriciathestripper1 · 10/07/2017 19:14

Took Dd when she was 10 months old. We all snuggled in together with the goose down quilt off our bed on 3 foam mattresses!


arethereanyleftatall · 10/07/2017 19:15

3 months. No issues whatsoever.


UnexpectedItemInShaggingArea · 10/07/2017 19:17

DD was 3 months. She was fine. It was March in Scotland. She loved it and still loves it 9 years later Smile


runsmidgeOMG · 10/07/2017 19:17

3 months ! She was warm and cosy... I was not, I was scared I'd wake up and she'd be frozen... she's been again this year at 15 months ! Had her own little camp bed and loved it...I'd also recommend a fan heater, kept me nice and toasty !


PourMeAGlassOfMilk · 10/07/2017 19:21

We've taken all of ours as babies. Ds1 and ds2 we're both 8 or 9 months old as they were born in the autumn. Ds3 was born in March and has already been twice at 10 weeks and 14 weeks. Baby sleeping bag and an extra blanket and he's been just fine. We're happy to let routine go out of the window when we're away though. We found it harder settling the kids to bed when they were older babies/toddlers who noticed things were different than with a tiny baby who sleeps anywhere if he's tired enough.


GreenHillsOfHome · 10/07/2017 19:24

I would say about one but only in the summer months and for a couple of nights max. He'll be fine-just make sure he has a thick fleecy onesie and plenty of blankets for night time.

I love camping and this will be the first year for ages that I can't go because dc3 is 8 weeks...dh is taking the older dc alone for a couple of days. I can't wait until next summer when we can all go!


WardrobeMalfunction · 10/07/2017 19:32

We did when DD was about 8 months. It was summer time but really cold at night, so DD didn't sleep. DH ended up walking the roads with her in her pram as we didn't want her crying to disturb the other campers. Don't forget, there's no sound-proofing in tents.

Also, toddler DS didn't sleep because it was too bright, so if your DS is used to a dark room, he might not sleep.


Zigazigaaahhh · 10/07/2017 19:37

We went camping this weekend... Our children are 4yrs 3yrs and months we had a blast Smile


Zigazigaaahhh · 10/07/2017 19:38



Zigazigaaahhh · 10/07/2017 19:39

Our oldest 2 didn't go to sleep until 10 though! But that was fine it was a holiday! And baby slept all night!


nutbrownhare15 · 10/07/2017 19:41

Mine was about a year. It was fine.


JennyBlueWren · 10/07/2017 19:45

My DS is 2 and we're going to try camping overnight at a local campsite soon. I would have liked to have taken him last summer but we were too busy. I think if you/ your baby aren't too routine based it should be fine. However my parents told me to never camp with a baby in nappies after their bad experience of it!


BonnesVacances · 10/07/2017 19:53

When they no longer wake up crying, assuming you'll be in a tent?


kaytee87 · 10/07/2017 19:55

Glad you've all done it with young babies / kids.

Yes we'll be in a tent. Why does it matter if he cries? We won't be pitched next to anyone.

OP posts:

BubblesBubblesBubbles · 10/07/2017 19:58

Took dc1 when they were about 9 months. Dc2 about 1.

Have a go its a blast!


BonnesVacances · 10/07/2017 20:08

Sorry. Your OP didn't say you were camping on your own. You should be ok then.


kaytee87 · 10/07/2017 20:11

Ah sorry we always do wild or semi wild camping, never been in a packed campsite before.

OP posts:

zombiesarecoming · 10/07/2017 20:16

Our first DD was with us camping at a week old, with parents in law on the same site in there caravan, DD2 was over six months before her first camping weekend due to time of year she was born


SomewhatIdiosyncratic · 10/07/2017 20:18

DS2 was 15 weeks when he came along on a 5 day Guide camp. He was still in the moses basket which gave some protection from draughts. DS1 was 7 months so from that point we just coslept on our mats on the floor so he had the warmth from us surrounding him.

Night feeds weren't a problem as I was accustomed to waking very promptly as they started stirring and they found themselves drinking milk very quickly!

Modern tents with the groundsheet sewn into the flysheet are a good bit warmer than older styles with gaps.


Whitelisbon · 10/07/2017 20:23

Ds1 was 5 weeks.
He didn't even notice I don't think.


MarciaBlaine · 10/07/2017 20:29

Took dd when she was about 4 months. There was a mega storm and we had to bring her into bed with us as the temperature dropped right down(it was August) but otherwise fine. She had one of those pop up cradles...


Dolly80 · 10/07/2017 20:35

We're going this August with our 16mth and 5yr old. I'm now worried as the youngest does like to wake sometimes for a 'chat' in the night Confused

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