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To ask someone to post a link to the original workzilla thread please

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Cookiesandcake · 10/07/2017 18:26

I've seen numerous references to a thread on aibu about workzilla which sounds hilarious but I can't find the original thread. Would somebody please post a link? Thankyou muchly

OP posts:
Mumblebeebee · 10/07/2017 18:51

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Cookiesandcake · 10/07/2017 19:02

Thankyou :)

OP posts:
MsHopey · 27/07/2017 12:07

Argh. I've seen people taking about it and wanted to read it.
And the link has been removed here aswell

IHeartKingThistle · 27/07/2017 12:08

Has there been an update?

ZogsAnon · 27/07/2017 12:10

Just do a search on "workzilla"!

MsHopey · 27/07/2017 12:26

Getting all the other threads but not the original Confused

To ask someone to post a link to the original workzilla thread please
NicolasFlamel · 27/07/2017 12:37

The original wasn't WORKzilla, she hadn't been named as that yet. It's something about 'AIBU not to be childcare for all of the holidays' I think.

mummabubs · 27/07/2017 12:45

"Friends expecting me to look after kids 6 weeks holidays" will bring it up...

I definitely didn't allow curiosity to get the best of me yesterday afternoon and then spend over an hour reading the entire saga πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ

MsHopey · 27/07/2017 14:30

Thanks guys.
I always like to see what's going on.
One of my all time favourite is the supersoaker mom, I don't care if it was written in 2007 or something. But when people keep quoting threads i haven't read I have to go back and have a look :)

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