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To get a rear view dash cam?

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PoisonousSmurf · 10/07/2017 16:59

Fed up of all the twatty drivers who come up really close behind me and gesticulate, just because I'm going at the speed limit.
I'm going to get a tiny camera to go in the back (have one in front already) and also I'll be adding a 'smile you're on dashcam' sticker.
Do you think that would enrage them even more, or make them back off?

OP posts:

Gizlotsmum · 10/07/2017 17:00

Honestly I don't think it will do either. They are so focused on getting where they need to be faster they probably barely register you as something in the way.


justkeepswimmingg · 10/07/2017 17:08

I doubt they'll notice or even care tbh, if they think it's ok to tailgate.
However at least a dash cam will be useful, incase of an unnecessary accident. So if it makes you feel safer driving then definitely go for it.

If anyone tailgates me I usually slow down so much that they either back off, or over take me. I always have my DS in the car when I drive, and there's no chance I'll risk them causing an accident and injuring my DS.


Laiste · 10/07/2017 17:08

I've been thinking about doing the same thing OP. Tailgating is a reportable offence now isn't it?

It's worth a go. Even if they don't back off you'll have the satisfaction of reporting the twat.


WatchingFromTheWings · 10/07/2017 17:10

I've been considering it for front and rear windows. Looking for something that I can install myself.


PoisonousSmurf · 10/07/2017 17:12

Thanks for the replies. I think I'll also sign up with Police If I do get a nutter on film, then I can get them into court.

OP posts:

Laiste · 10/07/2017 17:14

i also want a big light up sign on my rear bumper that i can activate at the push of a button which says ''Tailgating wanker - you're recorded and reported''.


PoisonousSmurf · 10/07/2017 17:16

Lol! Laiste. No I want ROCKET LAUNCHERS!

OP posts:

Brittbugs80 · 10/07/2017 17:18

I've got rear and front and a sticker. I find people get close then back off when they see it.

I've also had one driver pull right up, see it, back off then we got to the island, she covered her face with her hand Grin


Laiste · 10/07/2017 17:20


''You're recorded, reported and [press rocket launch release] HISTORY!!''

Mwah ha ha


Laiste · 10/07/2017 17:22

britt what stickers have you got? (I was only half joking about wanting the sign).


PoisonousSmurf · 10/07/2017 17:23

We need to start our own' in car defense systems' business Laiste Grin

OP posts:

Skarossinkplunger · 10/07/2017 17:23

I hate them. My DP has one in the front of his car and I can't stand it. In my opinion it just adds to the whole blame culture thing.

Also I was stuck in a jam behind a bloke with a rear dash cam in last week. Stationary, behind him for about 10 mins with the camera pointing at me just feet away. It made me really uncomfortable.


HSMMaCM · 14/07/2017 11:58

We've got them. When someone blocked the road and threatened my DH we were able to take them to the police.

Also when someone broke into a local shop and then ran to their getaway car just down our road, they were caught on our camera as we were going out and have been caught.

I agree about feeling a bit spied on, but I'd rather have cctv cameras everywhere and catch all the criminals.

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