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to think people should learn to have some manners at festivals

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NKffffffffd826be10X12327b6cd81 · 10/07/2017 12:07

We were at a festival at the weekend and there were some lovely people around us,but also a few who were jumping on top of everyone and had to be told about 10 times they were annoying everyone and their response to everyone else was to chill out.
I know people are pissed and hot but 80% of people manage to keep a bit of personal space and dance while others really irritating. Don't start me on the people that appear 10 mins before the act and push in front when everyone else has been there 4 hours.....

OP posts:
Mrsknackered · 10/07/2017 19:27

Yy to people on shoulders in front. It drives me mad and I purposely nudge those doing it.
I got hit by a cup of piss when I was a teen at Bestival. It was horrific.

Pushing to the front though? Unless they are actually purposefully pushing you, YABU.

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