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Lou898 · 09/07/2017 13:38

AIBU.....A few weeks ago I was at home one Friday afternoon(Friday is bin collection day) and the bins had been emptied but will still on the roadside. I heard the bin been moved and assumed it was my neighbour who sometimes moves it up the path at the side of our house as we are normally out all day. Anyway I looked out and saw a teenager on a bike stealing the bin. I gave chase and he dropped it at the end of the road and cycled off.
My eldest son 17 is in charge of the bins ...emptying household ones bringing the bins back inside the gate etc. I told him what happened and said they need to be brought in asap after collection.
This Friday I came home from work and bins were still out even though he'd been in all afternoon. I asked him to bring them inside the gate and he said he would.
To cut a long story short he didn't and the bins were stolen in the night (2) am I being unreasonable to expect him to pay for their replacement? He says that it is.
He's no money so I've suggested he does extra chores to earn something. I think he should take responsibility for his actions.

OP posts:
Bringmewineandcake · 09/07/2017 13:44

Not unreasonable to ask for a contribution, but why didn't you bring them in either? I think you are equally responsible because you decided to be petty and leave them out rather than do his "job".

Lou898 · 09/07/2017 13:59

If you realised how little he does around the house I was not being petty....sick of clearing up after him or nagging him to do the few things I expect him to do. I work full time and don't expect much but this is one of them.

OP posts:
Birdsgottaf1y · 09/07/2017 14:04

I also think that you should have bought it in, knowing that someone was likely to try to steal it.

What are you going to do about your rubbish? if you are going to a tip, then he should be bagging it up and do the lifting etc.

Charge him half, because you are (nearly) two Adults sharing a house.

You also need to sit him down and work out the jobs each and be clear that this is non-negotiable.

catyloopylou · 09/07/2017 15:14

YANBU. You made a point of asking him to bring them in asap and he didn't. You reminded him, he said he'd do it and he still didn't. He is responsible for allowing them to be stolen as he didn't do his chores so he should pay. If you end up doing stuff as he doesn't do it then he will do less and less as he knows you will pick up the skack. He is old enough to understand this lesson and learn from it and by paying in kind he will remember.

Aquamarine1029 · 09/07/2017 15:28

Your son needs to learn about responsibilities and consequences. I assume you pay for his internet, phone, etc? Time to make some new rules. Of he doesn't do the chores you assign him, he loses his privileges. Tell him if he acts like a child you'll treat him like one.

BackforGood · 09/07/2017 15:45
Whosthemummynow · 09/07/2017 16:02

Just send him out of a walk to retrieve the stolen bin. It's bound to have just been dumped somewhere

Lou898 · 12/07/2017 22:50

Thank you for your responses. Whosethemummynow it was the first thing I did but they were no where to be seen. Backforgood - I know it was an unbelievable thing to see! Not quite tucked under his arm...more dragged along behind!
He has begrudgingly accepted he needs to pay and has already started doing extra jobs to clear the amount.
I have to say I was shocked at time to replace them can be up to 5 weeks! Hope it's not that long 😩

OP posts:
RainbowPastel · 12/07/2017 23:16

Your house your responsibility to replace them. You walked past them knowing someone had tried to take one previously.

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