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AIBS to dread driving to this wedding.

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kaitlinktm · 08/07/2017 12:18

AIBS = Am I Being Stupid? (Yes, I know I am - talk sense to me please.)

Will be setting off within the next hour to the wedding of a dear friend. I don't really like weddings but of course I want to go, I have known her for 50 years. I "tried out" the journey yesterday using SatNav (useless at directions and maps) and I did get there - but overshot turnings, swore at the SN lady because she didn't tell me quickly enough what lane to be in and totally got myself into a panic in the city centre. I am OK on motorways, it's city centre driving which panics me.

Now I am sitting here really stressed, dreading both the drive there, and to some extent the drive back.

At my age I ought to have more sense (hope I don't crash the car).
:( :( :(

OP posts:
FeralBeryl · 08/07/2017 12:21

Right you did it yesterday!
So you've got a rough idea. If you over shoot a turning, carry on to the next one and turn around. It's fine.
Plus city centres are likely to be slightly less hectic today as it's Saturday.
Take your time, have a drink of water to hand, window open and relax.
You'll do it - no problem Flowers

kaitlinktm · 08/07/2017 12:22

Thanks Beryl - and thanks for not calling me pathetic. :)

OP posts:
kaitlinktm · 08/07/2017 12:23

I thought the city centre might be busy with shoppers though :(

OP posts:
IAmTheWorwax · 08/07/2017 12:23

It will be easier today thanks to your forward thinking yesterday.

Big girl pants on, go and do it! Treat yourself to a spritzer when you get there and have a lovely day

AuntieStella · 08/07/2017 12:24

Turn off the satnav - it doesn't sound like the sort of gadget you want.

Use a map.

Write down things like which exits you need (and which is the one before hand, so you know when to start looking for the sign to the one you want) and stick it to your thigh, or somewhere else where you can just glance at it. Then pay attention to the road and it's signage.

Given the amount if time you say you've known your friend, you've probably been driving since well before satnavs became widely available. So it's just a case of revering to the low-tech no-tech way of things.

ThroughThickAndThin01 · 08/07/2017 12:25

Give yourself much more time than you need. Better to be early, than stressed and/or late.

kaitlinktm · 08/07/2017 12:27

Turn off the Satnav and use a map!? But when I read maps (even when I'm not driving - how do you read one whilst driving?) by the time I work out where I am, I'm somewhere else.

Yes it's true - I have been driving (and getting lost) for many years now> Grin

OP posts:
kaitlinktm · 08/07/2017 12:28

Worwax - as it happens I will be wearing HUGE girl pants today! Grin

OP posts:
Piratesandpants · 08/07/2017 12:32

Are you actually a competent driver... Or a bit dangerous? I can't tell from your post.

kaitlinktm · 08/07/2017 12:34

Hmm Pirates - I think I am safe enough. Have been driving since 1977 with only a couple of bumps - the last one was my fault though, a parking misjudgement. I don't enjoy city driving though.

OP posts:
Piratesandpants · 08/07/2017 13:00

Ok! In that case of course you're safe. Deep breathe. You've done a practice run. Go for it. (I'm EXACTLY) the same Grin and I don't understand my friends who won't drive in the motorway - all you've got to do is drive in a straight line Grin). Good luck and enjoy the wedding.

kaitlinktm · 08/07/2017 13:07

Thanks to everyone - setting off now! Grin

OP posts:
Nikephorus · 08/07/2017 13:15

Second runs are always easier because you're anticipating the route. And the return trip you'll be so relaxed that if you get completely lost (which won't happen) you won't care anyway.

rollonthesummer · 08/07/2017 13:18

Give yourself loads of time-leave much easier than you need to and then it doesn't matter how many turnings you miss-you won't be late!

Ceto · 08/07/2017 13:30

Don't panic if you overshoot turnings, the SatNav will find an alternative. But remember to keep an eye on the map on the SatNav as well as listening to the directions, as that will show you how far you have to the next turning.

LeakyLittleBoat · 08/07/2017 13:44

Safe journey, OP! One if the things it took me longest to learn when I started driving was that it didn't matter if I missed a turn or took the wrong one because the route will still be there and I can double back until I find the right one. I still get uncomfortable on unfamiliar routes but I always allow myself extra time to include any doubling back so I don't get in a big flap when I'm in the wrong lane or turn too early/late. GPS is a great tool but you still have to have your wits about you and it's not always possible to get into the right lane at exactly the point to turn when the disembodied voice is telling you 'now - turn right'.

FeralBeryl · 08/07/2017 14:51

Hope you've arrived safely Kaitlin you certainly are not pathetic! We all have that one thing that can tip us into a panic. Enjoy your day, try not to worry about the journey back - you aren't in a time limit, roads will be quieter, you'll be fine Flowers

fluffiphlox · 08/07/2017 14:53

Maybe get a taxi if it would help you enjoy the day more?

kaitlinktm · 09/07/2017 00:23

Thanks everyone I am back now and I had a lovely time - the bride looked radiant and I shed a little tear that her parents weren't here to see her but they both seemed really happy.

I know now why I overshot the turning - the SatNav told me to turn right where there was no right turn. So it wasn't my fault. Had some trouble parking but then all was well - and the journey back was much better.

Thanks to everyone for the encouragement and pep talk - I had been sitting here just dreading setting off!

OP posts:
64PooLane · 09/07/2017 00:29

Well done OP Smile

Bubblysqueak · 09/07/2017 00:31

Glad you had a fabulous time

seventhgonickname · 09/07/2017 00:32

You need to go on more adventures with your satnav.However I hate city /town driving as I am used to rural lanes and get a bit panicky.
So glad you had a nice day and got home safely.

LeakyLittleBoat · 09/07/2017 02:12

Yay! I'm proud of you, now, do it again and again - it gets easier the more times you do it.

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