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To ask parents of year 9 children

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OneDayIWillBeOrganised · 08/07/2017 09:42

How many GCSEs your child is going to be studying. My DD is currently studying 9 which the school want to reduce to 7 next year. This is being done across the whole year group. Is this typical or is the school limiting my DD opportunity to pass more?

OP posts:
PhilODox · 08/07/2017 16:20

And- what Gilly said- what does she do out of school? A pass in ABRSM/Trinity grade 7 is worth an A at GCSE for a start.

OddBoots · 08/07/2017 16:21

Because of the way the league tables are structured I would be very surprised at any school doing less than 8 as a usual minimum (with exceptions for some students with different needs).

witsender · 08/07/2017 16:23

If they do limit it you can look at taking extras independently, there are plenty of centres around. If she truly is able she should be fine

OddBoots · 08/07/2017 16:24

Eep, I mean fewer than 8.

PhilODox · 08/07/2017 16:27

Grin oddboots

But, yes, I agree, fewer than 8 is a nonsense, because of progress 8. They would be too badly penalised (assuming it's a state school, that is).

OneDayIWillBeOrganised · 08/07/2017 17:28

PhilODox I think we've already established from the information given from other posters that it's likely to be more than 8.
As I said earlier the communication from school is poor so it is not clear from the letter that English and Science involve more than one GCSE.
There is clearly variation between schools with the number of GCSEs the children are expected to study. From what I've been told at parent's evenings I believe my DD is capable of passing a GCSE I all the subjects she's currently studying.
If other schools are allowing children to study more then I think it is a fair comment to make that school are limiting her possible outcomes by not having this option.

OP posts:
00100001 · 08/07/2017 17:31

It might be due to timetabling restraints though

OneDayIWillBeOrganised · 08/07/2017 17:32

witsender thanks for the tip Smile. I think she might want to consider that for the language if she does stick with the options suggested.
I'll know more after speaking to the school on Monday.

OP posts:
ghostyslovesheets · 08/07/2017 17:33

Triple Science
English Language
English Lit
Philosophy and Ethics
Core PE

PhilODox · 08/07/2017 17:35

Just because she's capable doesn't mean they can physically fit the teaching in. There are only a fixed number of hours in the timetable. Other schools aren't doing more- almost all schools now offer only 9 or 10, and people upthread have said they're only doing 8. You said she's doing 9, yes?

OneDayIWillBeOrganised · 08/07/2017 17:35

00100001 I had thought that too. I know the school have plenty of things to consider but just want to make sure my DD is able to follow the path she wants in the future for Uni etc

OP posts:
PhilODox · 08/07/2017 17:36

Let's face it, I am capable of passing any GCSE, but it doesn't mean I have time to do so, or indeed access to a centre willing to take me on.

OneDayIWillBeOrganised · 08/07/2017 17:43

PhilODox if PE is not included then it will be 8 or 9 depending if Science is 2 or 3.
I do understand that schools are under a lot of pressure but surely that's the case for the schools where children are doing 10?

OP posts:
WillRikersExtraNipple · 08/07/2017 17:44

7 seems very low. I did 12, although that was many years ago. If they can't fit in more now are school days shorter than they used to be?

PhilODox · 08/07/2017 17:47

Willriker- the content has changed- there is far more to cover, and at a higher level too, particularly in maths.

PhilODox · 08/07/2017 17:49

Schools offering 10 may give less curriculum time to each option, or they may have compulsory after school sessions and extra learning days. Schools are all different, I'm afraid.

WillRikersExtraNipple · 08/07/2017 17:49

Aren't they standardised tests? The whole point is that a GCSE from 20 years ago should be the same level as one from this year. That is literally what they are for.

MaisyPops · 08/07/2017 17:51

As others have said, science will be 2 gcses and English will usually be 2 (language and literature) but check English because a school I used to work in only offered single English (it was combined lang and lit).

PhilODox · 08/07/2017 17:53

Have you heard of Michael Gove, and his reform of qualifications?
And Gove aside, an A grade at GCSE from three years ago is in no way the same as an A grade from 25 years ago, in any case.
The new GCSEs aren't in A-G grades in any case.

Keel · 08/07/2017 17:53

I don't think they are Will. The GCSE English papers this year looked similar to my A level papers thirty odd years ago.

PhilODox · 08/07/2017 17:54

Maisy, schools won't offer lang/lit single GCSE any more, because if pupils don't do both language and literature they can't get the double weighting in the progress 8 measure.

OneDayIWillBeOrganised · 08/07/2017 17:58

MaisyPops do you think it matters that she won't be doing a language?
I understand that the school might not be able to offer this as well for various reasons but as this is part of the Ebacc would she be better off trying to swap a subject?

OP posts:
PhilODox · 08/07/2017 18:02

Onedayiwill, just noticed you've put ICT. Is it really ICT, or Computer Science?

MaisyPops · 08/07/2017 18:02

PhilODox I thought that in principle but read something shared ages ago on social media about schools entering for both but students only being taught one and then schools claim the double weighting or something bizarre. It sounded fishy to me.

OneDayIWillBeOrganised I couldn't say for sure on the langauge front. Personally, if a child has the capacity to do well (e.g. grade 5-9) then I'd be suggesting to do it. It's an extra string to their bow and they may decide in due course they want an erasmus year (or the post Brexit version of) at uni etc so it's useful.

OneDayIWillBeOrganised · 08/07/2017 18:05

PhilODox I agree that the current system is tougher. It's the same in primary schools too, even Reception children are expected to do more to reach the expexted level than they did years ago.

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