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Tandem bikes - why?

13 replies

MyBoysHaveDogsNames · 06/07/2017 17:03

I don't see the appeal. What am I missing?

Just saw a couple on one - the guy behind looked a bit fearful and it can't be much fun looking at someone's sweaty arsecrack.

Does anyone use on here use one? I'm a bit hypocritical as I love reading pillion on a motorbike, but tandem bikes just look a bit Harold and Hilda ...

OP posts:

overmydeadbody · 06/07/2017 17:06

I think you can go faster on them?

I agree with you though, they seem a bit gimicky.

The ones suitable for a child are a good idea though.


PossumInAPearTree · 06/07/2017 17:07

I would quite like one as dh is ultra fit and i reckon would do most of the work. Can't convince him though.


Screamifuwant2gofaster · 06/07/2017 17:11

I love tandems! There are lots of reasons people use them... on a tandem you can talk quite easily to the other person. It can be difficult on normal bikes to hear the other person.
My husband and I have very different fitness levels. On a tandem he does most of the work, I rest whenever I like.
I also have a close friend who is blind. She goes on a tandem with her husband (for obvious reasons).
I love being on a tandem-much more fun than normal bikes.


LostMyLunchMoney · 06/07/2017 17:16

We've hired tandems a few times for touring holidays and they're brilliant fun. You can go much faster and cover much greater distances for the same effort. It's also easier to chat.

As for the staring at a sweaty arsecrack all day - I had reservations about that the first time we hired one but in reality I was able to look around at the scenery and wildlife whilst hoping DH kept his eyes on the road


TuddlesAndSisses · 06/07/2017 17:41

We have one and it's great fun! Once you get the hang of it it's easier than separate bikes and as a pp mentioned it's easier to chat too. But if you're at the back you gave to be able to trust the front person 100% and they absolutely must listen if the person behind wants to slow down.


MyBoysHaveDogsNames · 06/07/2017 20:43

Aha Tuddles! Think you've nailed why I have reservations!

DH and I went canoeing once. Not good. Think he would pretend not to hear me if I wanted to stop.

I hadn't thought about going faster though. I can see that would be a good reason.

OP posts:

HouseOfGingerbread · 06/07/2017 21:31

We have one because my daughter, who's 11 and has a variety of dyspraxia like issues, can't balance on a normal bike. She has a trike for independent riding, but the tandem lets us go faster and further.

I know several other people with them. Some just find it fun, but others have them because one half of the couple is a less confident cyclist. I know a family who have a tandem with a tagalong on the back.

I can confirm that being on the back is alarming.

Now, how do we all feel about people riding unicycles on the road?


MyBoysHaveDogsNames · 06/07/2017 23:51

This is really interesting. I hadn't considered people needing to use a tandem over a single bike.

I will retract my Harold and Hilda statement! I've only seen older couples use them so that influenced the way I saw them. Although he fact you confirmed it is alarming doesn't make me want to use one House!

Unicycles - only if by a clown. That's my stance.

OP posts:

goodnessidontknow · 07/07/2017 07:59

Absolutely great if you trust each other, not so much if not!


AsleepAtMyDesk · 07/07/2017 08:55

My DH wants one - and I agreed as long as I was on the front! He was not very happy at this idea. He seems to think he should be i charge.
I am so slow and cautious on a bike, so if we had a tandem he could make me go faster.
To those who think they will get an easy ride at the back and let the one at the front do the work - the pedals are linked and go at the same speed. So you have to pedal together or take your feet off completely.


HouseOfGingerbread · 07/07/2017 18:25

Of course, there's no need to stop at just two...


NC4now · 07/07/2017 18:27

I've always associated them with naturists for some reason. I don't know where that came from.


Leontine · 07/07/2017 18:45

I have always wanted to have a go on a tandem. The ones for kids seem great especially.

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