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Leaving Tenancy

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Yoshi1701 · 06/07/2017 14:41


I've given the appropriate notice on my tenancy and paid my last rental payment. But I want to move out before the last day of my tenancy? I'm moving Saturday but the tenancy doesn't end until the 5th August, can I do this?

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Glumglowworm · 06/07/2017 14:47

Yes you can move out but unless the ll agrees, you'd still be liable for rent until then.

I overlapped my last tenancy and my current one by about a week, I think I gave the keys back a couple of days early as that's when it was convenient for me to go to their office.

Yoshi1701 · 06/07/2017 14:53

I've paid the rent (1 month in advance) so that's not an issue. I'm just worried about repercussions of leaving our current property empty for 3 weeks.

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Spam88 · 06/07/2017 14:54

Just let them know so they can arrange to do a property inspection and get the keys back when you actually move out.

Total · 06/07/2017 14:58

Your contract should say how many days you're allowed to leave the property empty.

ApollO88 · 06/07/2017 15:01

We had a cross over period of 2 weeks between our tenancies. Just be aware you will be liable for all bills at big places until ur old tenancy ends. We handed back the keys a week before the official end and the estate agent used that week to show people round as I refused them access till all of our stuff was moved

ApollO88 · 06/07/2017 15:02

Both places*

Yoshi1701 · 06/07/2017 15:36

I've also paid the bills, we pay that to the LL too. Thanks I think we should be ok then! I just hope the LL doesn't let himself in while we're gone! It is technically ours until the 3rd.

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