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Reception friendships

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Happyhappyveggie · 05/07/2017 15:53

DD is just coming to end of reception year and while she has had a really happy year and loves school, she hasn't made loads of friends and I can't say she is ending the year having really clicked with anyone.
I haven't made a massive effort with play dates, mainly because she doesn't mention anyone she really wants to come back.
When my son was this age, he had lots of friends & play dates so i am s bit worried.
Aibu or should I just chill and not worry too much and see how next year goes as there has been a class shakeup so new children.

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ZoeWashburne · 05/07/2017 15:55

I wouldn't worry too much, but I think you should try to facilitate some more play dates next year. She may be much more shy than your DS, and need some more time to click with some friends.

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