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AIBU to tell mr pigeon to do one?!

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ladybird69 · 05/07/2017 05:14

I love all creatures great and small but..........I have a great big dozy wood pigeon that has taken up residence on the piece of roof directly above my bedroom window. I've been laying in bed listening to him coo bloody cooing since 3 ish for what seems like the past couple of months. If I try and shoo him away he gets all flappy which then wakes the cats up, flies away and then when I'm just settling back down he flaps and flaps and comes back!!!!! Argh. I wish that I could explain to him 'look babe I love you very much and we've obviously got a thing going on, but I'm really not a morning person so kindly piss off and come back at a respectable time i.e. At 8 and carrying ☕️
The bags under my eyes are horrendous and I'm more cranky than usual so watch out world it's gonna be a great day-not.

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flumpybear · 05/07/2017 05:45

Ear plugs?!

MrsPringles · 05/07/2017 05:48

YA sooooo NBU

Birds are noisy fuckers, I've got one cooing away outside my window now Confused

Maybe we should get them a gro clock so they know an acceptable time to come back Grin

Alfieisnoisy · 05/07/2017 06:14

I bloody love wood pigeons...but not at 3am either.
Ear plugs are your friend here.

Coo bloody cooing Grin

You need to listen to a track by The Senators called "Good Morning World" which contains the immortal lines:

"the birds all start singing
One after one
I'd shoot those little bastards
If I had a gun"


yerbutnobut · 05/07/2017 07:59

I feel your pain OP, our back garden and roof of our extension appear to be the local knocking shop for mahoosive wood pigeon, great joys having to explain to DD over breakfast why one pigeon is giving the other a piggy back!Grin

Redpriestandmozart · 05/07/2017 08:14

I feel your pain too, we have a broken wood pigeon beside us, I can listen to the rest of them but he goes coo coo coooooo, coo coo coooooo, coo coo no cooooo and that's simple not the right tune and does my head in as I lie there counting the coo's it's rhythmic and relaxing!

ladybird69 · 06/07/2017 00:58

Cooee lol well I'm glad I'm not alone and I feel your pain. I've been in all day and not a peep out of him, no doubt tired bless him! Hmm in bed now but can't drop off as I'm counting how much sleep I can get before he starts again Wink!!! Wtf my life revolving around an effing bird. I may resort to earplugs but I live alone so I don't really want to. Earplugs or a shotgun. Have a good night Brew

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