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Children playing outside AIBU?

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Exhaustedmummy10001 · 03/07/2017 20:46

Hey, guys so I am pretty sure I am not BU but here goes. Me and my 2 children (both under 6) have just moved into a maisonette above a shop, there are quite a few others here as well. There is a family a few doors up who have two lovelyish children one who is 8 and the other is 3, they quickly made friends with my two and have played out on the balcony a few times this week (I watch them from the kitchen window and keep a VERY close eye on them). Anyway, my two don't play out after tea because they are pretty young and they need to get to bed but these other children are still out playing, I will also add that they are playing on scooters which sound terrible on the floor. They have just knocked on my door to ask if my children are coming out to play!! Its 8:30, they are asleep!! They also don't seem to have any boundaries, they come into the house if I open the door and are constantly knocking throughout the day unless they are at school. I came home today and the Grandma (who keeps looking into my kitchen...litterally not just glancing but eyes right up close to the window, and shaking her head if I haven't washed the pots straight after using them or whatever, the day after I moved in she told me my house is a mess and I should clear it up!!The little girl translated) was sat on the floor leant up against my door!! The children are the only ones in the family who speak English so I can't really speak to the parents about it.
So AIBU and what should I do! I don't mind the children playing but it's getting a little out of hand. TIA. Smile

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NuffSaidSam · 03/07/2017 20:57


Just tell the children politely and kindly, but firmly what the situation is.

Children only know what they've been taught. If in their family/culture you make yourself at home in someone elses house, that's all they know.

Just tell them that your children are in bed and that mustn't knock after tea time (give them an actual time).

Open the door and if they start to come in, say firmly, 'Can you wait here please?'.

If they're making too much noise with scooters, ask them if they could move away from your end of the balcony or play something else.

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