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Noisy neighbours with Hot Tub

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foofoofairybumcakes · 03/07/2017 10:58

It's clearly that time of year. Hot weather windows open everyone 'enjoying' their garden.
So neighbours to the right (adjoined semi). Two adults, no kids. Install an inflatable hot tub right up against party fence (in a small garden). Did this at 11.30 on a school night with lots of shouting about whether or not it was inflating and if it had a slow puncture, until I had to go outside and request that they were a bit quiet as we were trying to sleep. (Me, single mum with 3 older teenagers).
The wife enjoys playing the radio loud enough to entertain the road, with windows open. 5 hours of Barry Manilow is surely at least 4.50 hours too many. Could be worse I know Grin. Generator / pump for hot tub rumbling along right outside my sons bedroom window all night. Also looks like they have recently installed a portable air conditioning unit (unless they have got the tumble dryer in their room) so I have to listen constantly to another motor running overlooking my garden. Neighbours to the left. Very cute little 6 year old has discovered the best game EVER of tapping on the glass and shouting to me every time I step foot in the garden with a cup of coffee from 6.30 am til his bedtime. I can't believe that his parents either A) dont know that he's doing this or B) allow him to do it!!! FFS I am trying desperately to not become a Grumpy Old Bat but by golly I TOTALLY understand how it happens!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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