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Patronising Scottish Executive leaflet sent home from school

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mateychops · 22/03/2007 21:04

And I quote;
'This leaflet will help you make life better for your children. Here's how...
Begin early - babies learn from the moment they are born. Talk to them.
Love your child - be affectionate, hug and kiss them
Don't use violence (fair point)
Weapons are dangerous
Be careful of what your child is exposed to
Teach children to be kind to each other
Keep violence away from the home and community.'

Tax payers money. Every shade of Pantone under the sun. If you're not already doing that, would a leaflet make a difference? "Tell you what son, go beat up the neighbours dog, but first here's a knife for you. Oh, sorry, just read that leaflet in your school bag, you're grounded."

I would prefer to see taxpayers money fund something like Childline than some quango and a design company.

So, MN jury, am I being unreasonable????

OP posts:

southeastastra · 22/03/2007 21:06

no that's just silly and patronising it's like it's aimed at homer simpson


tinkerbellhadpiles · 22/03/2007 21:07

I'd send them a note back saying that rather than making their lives better, the leaflet gave the children paper cuts and could they put their next bit of flannel on a bit of flannel instead

At our home HV session, she plonked about six thousand leaflets in my lap, turned to DH and said: 'and here's one for you' handing him a leaflet about the need to feel his own bollocks for cancer regularly. I replied that it was nice that we both got a share of the bollocks material but HV did not think this funny


mateychops · 22/03/2007 21:36

HVs don't have a sense of humour. It's part of their training. I'm sure there's a leaflet you can find out about it.

OP posts:

KathyMCMLXXII · 22/03/2007 21:41

Yes, rather insulting.
Reminds me of the special pack they created for fathers which suggested taking children to the park.

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