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To buy DS a refurbished iPad for Christmas

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thealbatross · 01/07/2017 14:46

I really don't know very much about iPads, but DS would like one and would certainly make good use of it. But they seem quite expensive and I'm really trying to get my savings and flat in order this year. Doesn't help that his birthday is in December!

Is it worth buying a refurbished one? Any positive/negative experiences of that? Or am I better just to bite the bullet and buy new? Refurbished or not, which ones are fairly up to date, and how much memory is needed? He'll only really use it for games, YouTube, and internet, and I'll use it too.


OP posts:
Mylittlesunshines · 01/07/2017 14:50

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DixieFlatline · 01/07/2017 14:51

This website (Mac Rumors) is a go-to when deciding what to buy and when.

When buying my iPad and trying to decide which to get, I read reviews and decided that it was worth going for a newer model because it would save me replacing a cheaper, older one sooner - but then I look after my stuff quite well. I had an iPhone 4 for nearly five years, IIRC! If you expect it to get dropped or otherwise broken, or think you'll be of a mind to upgrade it within two or three years anyway, it might still be a sound decision to get an older one.

KarmaNoMore · 01/07/2017 14:58

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MissionItsPossible · 01/07/2017 15:01


What they said. The new kindle fire has got very favourable reviews. I suppose it also depends how old he is and what his primary use on it is going to be.

DandySeaLioness · 01/07/2017 15:05

we're on the third (fourth?) Kindle fire, the charging ports keep breaking on them and the cable falls out unless propped up. It's just started happening to this replacement one as well. One good thing is that Amazon's custoner service is amazing but I'm sick and tired of having to chat to them about yet another faulty Kindle.
Ipads really are in a class of their own here.

MyOtherProfile · 01/07/2017 15:11

We bought my son a refurb iPhone for his birthday and it was wonderful. And half the price. I'd do it.

firawla · 01/07/2017 15:12

I would rather get a refurbished iPad than a kindle fire. More reliable even if it's refurbished.

thealbatross · 01/07/2017 15:12

He's 12. Thanks for the suggestions of the Kindle (been considering one for myself for reading) but for DS it's the iPad he's keen on. I think he actually has a kindle at his dads.

OP posts:
19lottie82 · 01/07/2017 15:14

Refurbs have the same warranty as a new product so I wouldn't worry about it.

Kindle fires aren't a patch on iPads.

thealbatross · 01/07/2017 15:15

Karma interesting points about the battery. My (bought as new) iPhone 6 battery is giving me grief just now, since the 18mth mark, but it has taken a battering. I'd be really disappointed to experience the same with a refurbed iPad.

OP posts:
Mylittlesunshines · 01/07/2017 15:18

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Pickleypickles · 01/07/2017 15:19

I've had a few refurbished products and never had a problem with any of them Smile

MissionItsPossible · 01/07/2017 15:19

Bit surprised at the comments regarding iPhone batteries. I'm on 28 months on my iPhone 6 and it has just a good battery as it did when I bought it. Are you guys using apple chargers and do you have it on low battery mode the majority of the time?

Mylittlesunshines · 01/07/2017 15:20

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ontheboardwalk · 01/07/2017 15:22

Does size matter? I'm talking IPad size!!

What about a new IPad mini? Not sure how much refurb iPads cost but a mini is around £320

19lottie82 · 01/07/2017 15:23

iPad batteries are generally better than iPhones. As it's a bigger casing they can fit a bigger (better) battery in there.

thealbatross · 01/07/2017 15:26

Boardwalk, from my point of view, I think I'd find a mini too small. And I do plan on using it myself instead of the laptop when I'm slobbing in bed of a child free evening.

OP posts:
DollyPartonsBeard · 01/07/2017 15:45

mylittlesunshines Any particular reason why? I've had mine for a few years and use it primarily for reading books with no issues (although I did buy an anti-glare screen protector for use in the sunshine)

Ontheboardwalk · 01/07/2017 15:49

Ah ok. Personally I'd be disappointed if I wanted an IPad and got a Kindle or something else.

I'd go with what other posters have said. A refurb IPad with cover.

If you're going to use it to download anything on Sky Go/Netflix etc (even occasionally) I'd go for 32 GB memory not 16

Steviea88 · 01/07/2017 15:50

I got my dd a refurbished iPod touch from the Argos store on eBay. They will say if they are scratched in any way. I then bought her an iPhone 5 refurbished from an eBay seller. Both came with a 12 month warranty.

I'm getting dd2 a refurbished iPad for Christmas too. I will also buy on eBay with s trusted seller and with warranty. If you get the top grade they do really look brand new in the box.
I wouldn't waste money on the latest iPad (made all them mistakes before) if it is just used for the internet and games.

Mylittlesunshines · 01/07/2017 15:54

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SkintAsASkintThing · 01/07/2017 15:56

Have a good, scooch round first. I got my two brand new ipads that were cheaper than refurbished from Argos last Christmas. I paid £350 for 64gb ipad air 4 or whatever it was. Id been set on getting second hand ones until realising how minimal the savings would be.

LovePeaceAndHarmony · 01/07/2017 15:56

Not to be rude but I wouldn't buy a child anything that has been refurbished, I would buy it new from PCWorld not (AppleStore as they do not provide accidental insurance) and take out some accidental damage insurance, DS split a drink in his MacBook if we wouldn't have bought it from PCWorld we would have had to pay to get it fixed.

DollyPartonsBeard · 01/07/2017 15:57

Mylittlesunshines Fair enough. Actually I was looking at screen protectors for the paperwhites today and was surprised how much smaller they are. Actually I quite fancy one now!

KarmaNoMore · 01/07/2017 15:57

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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