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Loud neighbours

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user1497444078 · 01/07/2017 03:02

A month ago a family began renting the house next door to us. They are a young couple with a toddler (1-2yrs). We are a young couple with a newborn (7weeks). The first few weeks they had several loud parties either on a Friday or Saturday which were hard to tolerate but which we put down to house warming/settling in.

Tonight however we were at the end of our tether as their loud music and booming voices woke our baby and ourselves up multiple times. We didn't much fancy going round and confronting a bunch of drunk strangers at silly o'clock so phoned the police to report the disturbance.

The police swiftly responded and after hearing them yell 'we're only fucking talking' the noise and music rescinded.... for about 10mins. Now they've decided to blare music out periodically for about a minute every few minutes, which I find extremely petty.

It's pretty selfish behaviour having parties this frequent considering they have a small toddler in the house. I have no idea how she can be getting a good night sleep.

WWYD in this situation? Would you phone the police again?

So far we've had Ed Sheeran, Craig David, Belinda Carlisle, Lady Gaga and currently on Shania Twain....

OP posts:
Lucysky2017 · 01/07/2017 09:19

It's very hard. Where I live we are all utterly silent - neighbour is nearly 80, man accross the road is too, couple next to me on the other side are too. Other family are very very quite despite 3 generations in same house. In fact my teenage son's music (he has a music scholarship at school) is probably the loudest thing around and he only does that in fairly sensible hours (and my neighbours say they like it!). When we have noise (about twice a year dreadful marquee events at a golf club near by) it is appalling. I have a huge thing against noise.

I have a sibling who has very noisy neighbours - really bad, all summer at least once a week seems to be booming parties - amplified music to 4am. All the early complaints to them totally failed. I cannot understand who they find it acceptable. There is another one near my sibling too - just as bad. People are so selfish.

IT is very hard to do much about these things. I am a lawyer and obviously we all can look up the law on nuisance and look at when you can get police round - teenage raves etc but for the core regular noise people just seem to get away with it. Revenge does not seem to work as it escalates things too - I adore and sing Bach so I can imagine if I had a bad neighbour (and I get up at 6am every day) I could amplify it into their garden at 6am on a Sunday after they had an all night party but what good would that really do? Cutting their electric power lines must be tempting but would be criminal damage. You can buy a high pitched noise which only teenagers can hear and hurts their ears which might work in some cases - probably not legal though.

I must say over the years from university on the best thing I have ever found and often use are wax ear plugs from Boots and I even found them useful when I had small babies as usually they fall out once you are asleep so you still hear the baby later.

It is a very difficult psychological issue to know what to do. Perhaps like many disputes a mediator (which some councils have) would suggest compromises - eg only loud music once a month and noise off by mid night but even that woudl not suit me. I go to bed at 10am. Noise between 10 and mid night is exactly the wrong time for me to get to sleep and sleep well.

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