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To ask what's the silliest thing you've fretted about as a parent?

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Trixiebelle16 · 30/06/2017 23:02

Was talking to dh today about when dd was a baby and I remember the staff at the children's centre going on about how important "tummy time" was. I used to lay awake worrying because dd at a few months old really hated being on her tummy!! Did I really think she was going to spend the rest of her life on her back and never work out what she had to do!!! Blush

OP posts:
RebelRogue · 30/06/2017 23:24

Right now. DD(5)has an inset day next week. She'll spend the day with her best friend and her mum(who is a friend of mine). I know she'll be fine and have a great time but I'm still fretting and stressing about it as she has never spent that much time with someone else except for school.

KingJoffreysRestingCuntface · 30/06/2017 23:27

I've never heard of 'tummy time'.

Is it really that important?

cordeliavorkosigan · 30/06/2017 23:28

My (insane) dh used to worry about every single slightest softest touch breezing ever so gently within a few cm of the baby's soft spot on her head. He once wanted me to take her to a&e because a blanket had brushed over her head for a second. I refused.

KeepServingTheDrinks · 30/06/2017 23:29

fucking everything!

No sweets. Sweets. Letting her get hurt (she'll learn). Not letting her get hurt (she'll be precious). Saying no (she has to know the world's like this). Not saying no (she's spoilt).

Every single choice I've made/we've made I can see good and bad about.

As a parent, I hate myself.

but I love my DD

ineedamoreadultieradult · 30/06/2017 23:29

I fretted that the vibrate function on DS1's bouncy chair might give him brain damage.

RockyBird · 30/06/2017 23:31

I used to instruct people on how to butter toast properly for my PFB.

nameohnameohname · 30/06/2017 23:35

I thought that the health visitor, on her very first visit to see my beautiful, contented, thriving DD, would call in Social Services and have her taken away if I hadn't hoovered my stair carpet.

So I hoovered half way up, so it looked pristine as she came in the front door 😁

ImperialBlether · 30/06/2017 23:37

I took back to mothercare one of those doorway swings when my daughter was born in case she bounced so much she banged her head on the door frame. She was a few months old.

rachlooneytune · 30/06/2017 23:38

He ate half a crayon one time. I wanted to take him to A&E My mother advised me he would be ok. I didn't sleep for 2 days. He was fine. Crayon never came out in his nappy however Confused

elephantoverthehill · 30/06/2017 23:38

My Ds is 15. He is going to go on a 5 hour coach journey, on his own, on Sunday. It will also involve a ferry trip. He will be met by family. I am worried but he is excited. Smile

seventhgonickname · 30/06/2017 23:38

I had the same thing with tmy time my dd just ate the carpet/floor.Even the health visitor gave up.She also saw no need whatsoever to turn over until she needed to to sit and walk.

gamerchick · 30/06/2017 23:40

Absent minded put a cardie on her doll before we went out in case it got cold.

Giggorata · 30/06/2017 23:43

I used to worry how on Earth I would ever teach my baby to talk. Supposing I didn't do it right and he couldn't ever communicate?

allowlsthinkalot · 01/07/2017 00:01

I rang the poisons helpline because ds licked the lid of the metanium cream.

My dh was convinced dd would break her neck if she tried to do a forward roll.

They are remarkably well adjusted considering and we've relaxed a bit.

FlipFlopsReady · 01/07/2017 00:05

I dutifully followed all of the 'reading suggestions' from the school, in silence, for forty minutes every day.

Obviously, if I didn't insist on making DD articulate that Biff was surprised, she would never, ever, ever learn to read.

RonaldMcDonald · 01/07/2017 00:14

I worried if soaking for long time in a hot bath might raise the temp of my amniotic fluid thus lightly broiling the baby

doleritedinosaur · 01/07/2017 00:15

Convinced myself DS2 was panting & breathing way too fast but was alert so ended up calling 111 who sent an ambulance with 3 paramedics.

He was told off for smiling by the lovely paramedics for scaring me.

Really thought I'd have babies figured out by the second one.

FloralCouchPants · 01/07/2017 00:21

Well I don't think it's silly, however my in-laws think I am. First I didn't get my DDs ears pierced as a baby, she just got them done for her 4th birthday because she asked for it. And then I didn't let my 4month old son chew on a turkey bone and my MIL almost had a fit because it's "tradition". And finally blew up on my sister in law because I choose not to give my kids tons of sugar, they were getting water for dinner and my niece wouldn't drink water at all, and SIL said something along the lines of "I want my kid to enjoy food". Did that in the worst way possible during a family dinner and just flat out had enough of it and went off. Everyone was very shocked because I am a very mild mannered person and don't usually stick up for myself. My relationship with SIL was even better after that night tho.

Sorry for derailing the post!

DailyMailReadersAreThick · 01/07/2017 00:29

I worried if soaking for long time in a hot bath might raise the temp of my amniotic fluid thus lightly broiling the baby

Grin Grin Grin

Ginger782 · 01/07/2017 00:37

@FloralCouchPants what kind of strange family tradition do they have that requires them to sit around knawing turkey bones together? Grin
Also, I sympathise with your SIL story. I think it's important for kids to learn to drink water with their meals - sweet drinks can be treats for other times!

FormerlyFrikadela01 · 01/07/2017 00:38

Right now I spend all my time.fretting becasue my just 1 year old will not use any sort of cup, I've spent a fortune on various different cups yet he just gives it one try then looks at it with disgust before throwing it. According to NHS website he should be completely off bottles now. I also fret becasue despite giving him water constantly he will not drink it. I even got desperate and tried him with weak juice and he won't have any of it. He drinks milk and milk only.
I also fret becasue given the choice he would live off raspberries (can finish off whole punnets in one go) wotsit and pasta. Mother of the friggin year Confused

Illstartexercisingtomorrow · 01/07/2017 00:47

I am worrying that sending dd3 to nursery will psychologically scar her.

I am simultaneously worrying that she is bored stiff at home.

Illstartexercisingtomorrow · 01/07/2017 00:50

formerly - chill dude.

I have been that mother. Your baby is not meant to follow the instruction manual. He is a bright beautiful thinking individual. Not a robot.

Let him do stuff in his own time. You won't regret it.

Also dd1 only ate bananas potato waffles and fish fingers and toast for about 2 years. She thrived. Now she eats more like an actual human being.

ineedaholidaynow · 01/07/2017 00:52

When I was pregnant I used to lie awake at night worrying where we could put a piano in the house for pfb, obviously that was the most important thing to worry about before having a baby Blush

wrinkleseverywhere · 01/07/2017 01:17

When DD was ready to be weaned, I had researched high chairs & took DH to the local Mothercare to see my shortlist of three. They only had one in stock. In insisted we drove for 40 mins to another branch of Mothercare where they only had one of the other ones in stock. I genuinely didn't know what to do. Fortunately, a neighbour dealt with my crisis a few days later by knocking on the door & offering us her basic but supremely functional IKEA high chair. It was at this point that I realised it might be better for all concerned if I went back to work and had that to distract me!

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