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To be totally shocked

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Loneranger14 · 30/06/2017 14:59

I posted on here Wednesday about my neighbour knocking on my door and accusing me off stealing her parcel, unfortunately it ended in me ring in the police.
She has just been round this morning with a massive bunch of Flowers and a sorry card.
Turns out royal mail investigation thy have asked the driver where he took it and it was took to 61 but the person that lives there is flat denied he has it. The manger of royal mail paid him a visit this morning but he still didn't hand It over, there going to pay her compensation.
But i thought that was very nice off her she couldn't apologize enough

OP posts:
expatinscotland · 30/06/2017 15:00

She's sounds unhinged. I'd cut her a really wide berth.

FannyWisdom · 30/06/2017 15:01

She was bang out of order, you deserved an apology.

It's good to see she was as quick to apologise as she was to accuse you.

DramaAlpaca · 30/06/2017 15:01

That's the least she could do after how she behaved the other day. I'd steer clear of her in future though.

VintagePerfumista · 30/06/2017 15:02

I think that's very nice of her Lone.

I was on your thread and saw how worried you were.

Glad that she has realised she was in the wrong- even though the error was Royal Mail's.

Maiz7654 · 30/06/2017 15:04

I saw your thread. I'm impressed she apologised but I can't believe she behaved that way in the first place. She sounded crazy!!

RockyBird · 30/06/2017 15:05

Nice when someone sees the error of their ways. It shouldn't have happened in the first place though.

3isthemagicnumbersoimtold · 30/06/2017 15:06

Good on her for apologising.

Did Royal Mail say it was at your address? I can see why she'd be annoyed if they said it was at yours and you denied it. It's pretty frustrating. However, no need for her to be nasty.

DancesWithOtters · 30/06/2017 15:06

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Awwlookatmybabyspider · 30/06/2017 15:13

Yes she was bang out of order. I don't think anyone would disagree with that.
However it takes guts to admit you're wrong and to say sorry.
Its not worth holding a grudge

AnnetteCurtains · 30/06/2017 15:14

Nice but I'd still avoid her

SheSaidHeSaid · 30/06/2017 15:16

I didn't see the other thread but I do think fair play to her that she apologised face to face. Others might not.

Doesn't mean you'll be best buddies now though.

MadMags · 30/06/2017 15:19

She's still a twattish lunatic.

Penfold007 · 30/06/2017 15:21

She's admitted she was wrong and apologised. I'd give her a second chance

Aquamarine1029 · 30/06/2017 15:21

It's good that she apologized, but if I were you, I still wouldn't want anything to do with her. The way she and her husband treated you was absolutely outrageous. Only unhinged people behave like that. I wonder if she brought you flowers in fear that you would continue on with police involvement. They terrorized you, for fuck's sake.

spiderlight · 30/06/2017 15:22

Good for her - that must have taken guts. Hopefully you won't have to worry about her any more now.

MadMags · 30/06/2017 15:23

A second chance?

I'd still be wanting them to be suitably punished for their harassment.

She's not sorry for her behaviour, she's sorry that she inflicted it on the wrong person.

Missing parcel or not, you cannot go around treating people like that.

Benedikte2 · 30/06/2017 15:24

That must have been hard of your neighbour to apologise like that. True her previous behaviour was rather unhinged but hopefully it was a one off and she has learnt a lesson and you've got a good neighbour now.

muckypup73 · 30/06/2017 15:26

It was the least she could do for being a fuckwit

HerOtherHalf · 30/06/2017 15:36

It's all an unhinged ploy. You'll have the police at your door shortly, after she reports you for stealing her delivery of flowers.

inkydinky · 30/06/2017 15:40

This is not a woman short on guts given her previous behaviour!

It's good that she recognised her behaviour was out of order. But flowers don't really cut it do they. I'm not sure I'd have accepted them in your shoes. I hope she was properly mortified.

NellieBuff · 30/06/2017 15:44

As others have said I would stay away from her as her behaviour the other day was so shocking. But enjoy the flowers

takeaweeseat · 30/06/2017 15:46

I'm glad you got an apology from her. What about the other neighbour over the road who told her she seen you taking in her parcel? She should apologise also.

AmysTiara · 30/06/2017 15:47

I'd definitely be giving her a wide berth in future.

ohfourfoxache · 30/06/2017 15:49

It's good that she's apologised but I'd avoid her like a dose of the shits if I were you

ShmooBooMoo · 30/06/2017 15:53

Not the same cos it sounds like hers was a delivery made to the wrong address, but this is why I think the RM or any carrier shouldn't leave packages with neighbours at all. How on earth do they know: there isn't tension, some longstanding feud and said neighbour wouldn't love the chance to withold a parcel, tension or that the neighbours aren't plain thieves...

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