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DH's ex has accused me of hitting her child....

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Mellaa · 30/06/2017 13:44

DH and his ex are locked in a court battle for residency of their 4 year old.

His ex has been using drugs and her physically abusive partner was selling drugs from the house and being left alone with the child. Social services were involved and the child was on the at risk register without DH knowing...

His ex has now claimed that the child told her I smacked her and this has been put in the CAFCASS report.

It is completely untrue. I have 3 DC from a previous marriage and would never or have never smacked them, let alone someone else child. I'm really really upset and shaken by this.

The CAFCASS officer said it's not illegal to smack your children and no action would be taken. Regardless I'm shaken to the core that someone has lied about me to the authorities about something so awful.

I don't really know why I'm posting, I suppose looking for some advice and support. I'm a regular who has name changed for this post.

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Aquamarine1029 · 30/06/2017 13:49

Has this horrible lie been put into a case file? Could you ask to have a letter from you put in file stating what the ex said is a total lie? I would be as horrified as you are to think that such a vicious lie was told about me and is now on record. I'm so sorry this has happened.


No1blueengine · 30/06/2017 13:52

have you read the CAFCASS report yet? It all depends how it is incorperated really.

CAFCASS officers are used to this kind of he said she said and will usually just incorporate the mud slinging without giving it any credence. Judges also see it all the time and take it with a pinch of salt unless it is backed up by a concern by social services, or other responsible persons/entities (schools, GP's etc).

I know it is awful to feel like you have been painted a liability in an offical document like this but residency battles are awful and people would do and say anything they think will help their cause. Dont take it personally and dont blame DSD. If she said, it will have been to please her mum. What an awful situation for her to be in.


Mellaa · 30/06/2017 17:43

Thanks for your replies.

It was part of 'her version of events' and the officer added DH strongly denies the claims.

We do not believe for a second his child would have said it to her mother. It's one lie among many but it's such a serious allegation. I have 4 children of my own and it could have led to all manner of investigations. It's such an irresponsible thing to lie about.

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Mellaa · 30/06/2017 17:44

*3 dc from a previous marriage and newborn baby with DH

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