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Ex boss bad mouthing me

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Namechangetempissue · 29/06/2017 20:48

I left my last job on bad terms last year. Boss was an absolute nightmare, compulsive liar, creep, and to top it off I found out he had been under paying me for years and lying on pay slips/tax etc (I won a case on this). I handed in my resignation, left with immediate effect after he bullied me for weeks and weeks in an effort to make me leave before I could bring a case against him. Luckily all has worked out brilliantly, I am in a much better job and happy to be out of there.
I had heard from a few old contacts that he had been telling people he had to "let me go" and then today I have heard that he has been telling people he sacked me for gross misconduct Angry. I'm furious. Not only is it completely untrue, it is embarrassing and tarnishing my reputation in my field.
I don't know what to do about it. Contact him? Contact a solicitor? Leave it? I know a huge amount of pretty nasty stuff about him I could have easily told people and I haven't said a word (like any normal, decent person). AIBU to be so pissed off about this or should I just shrug it off?
Name changed for this as it is recognisable to a few people IRL on here.

OP posts:
ThomasRichard · 29/06/2017 20:50

Solicitor, I would think.

Changedtocovermyass · 29/06/2017 20:55

Solicitor. No messing. He's a compulsive liar, he wont stop if he gets a reaction out of you. He'd enjoy the attention/ power. Go straight to legalities.

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