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It's not preggers!!!

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AddictedToDrPepper · 29/06/2017 12:34

Or preggo or preg!!! It's PREGNANT!!!! Call me preggers one more time and I'm gonna punch something!

Well I won't really but my god it drives me insane and I refuse to accept that AIBU. They are.

OP posts:
TheSparrowhawk · 29/06/2017 12:34

I am also a very angry lady when I am preggers OP.

MiddleClassProblem · 29/06/2017 12:36

You're up the duff, mate

TheLionQueen1 · 29/06/2017 12:36

πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ couldn't agree more, I'm pregnant not preggers. "Alright preggo" from two friends of mine is driving me insane!!!

Hmm could it maybe be our hormones a bit though?!! Because even my husbands face makes me quite irate at the moment πŸ˜‚

CaoNiMartacus · 29/06/2017 12:38

I prefer "with child".

AddictedToDrPepper · 29/06/2017 12:38

cries It's pregnant!!

I would run after you but it would be more like a very fast waddle atm and I've still months to go! Sad

OP posts:
Fluffypinkpyjamas · 29/06/2017 12:38

Indeed. Preggers, preggo and ugh the worst, Preggy ,make me mad. Pregnant, how fucking hard it that to say.

Starlighter · 29/06/2017 12:40

Oh come on, it's only a bit of fun! My v lovely friend used to call me preggers. I just took in the good-natured way it was meant...?!

AddictedToDrPepper · 29/06/2017 12:41

Definitely hormones! I feel irrationally angry and tearful over small things atm, seriously considering whether or not I'm losing my mind.

I wouldn't mind up the duff or with child, at least they are real words!! Grin

OP posts:
ForeverAndAlwaysTired · 29/06/2017 12:42

You are definitely not being unreasonable!

My DH loves to wind me up by saying "WE are PREGGERS!" I just keep reminding him about the Huichol birthing ritual we are going to do when I'm in labour...

BattyBagshot · 29/06/2017 12:43

Meh, I'm preggers. Or if DH is talking "Keith Cheggers". Life's too short...

Nestofvipers · 29/06/2017 12:43

I prefer the term "knocked up".

UnbornMortificado · 29/06/2017 12:43

DH says babied up HmmAngry

Twat, no jury would convict me. Unfortunately I can't get my socks on unaided so smothering him isn't an option.

AddictedToDrPepper · 29/06/2017 12:50

Unborn roll on him when he's asleep if you're able to Wink

OP posts:
OhhBetty · 29/06/2017 12:52

Does it really matter? You're blessed with a baby growing inside you.

Brahms3rdracket · 29/06/2017 12:53

Yanbu and WE are not pregnant

emmyrose2000 · 29/06/2017 12:55


It's as horrible as saying WE are pregnant. No. Just no. Unless it's a lesbian couple where both ladies are pregnant at the same time, then it's physically impossible for WE to be pregnant!

AddictedToDrPepper · 29/06/2017 15:12

We are definitely not pregnant!

Ohh it matters massively, I just can't explain why Grin

OP posts:
UnbornMortificado · 29/06/2017 15:37

I know I'm blessed, I've lost two babies in the past three years. I'm still entitled to feel pissed off with stupid terminology.

Addicted I don't want to break anything I'm on light duties I need him running around after me Grin

Crunchymum · 29/06/2017 15:41

Some people take offence when pregnant women "blame their hormones"

SnootBoops · 29/06/2017 15:43

"Caught pregnant" sets my teeth on edge 😬

NicolasFlamel · 29/06/2017 15:43

Didn't you know you're meant to be in a perpetual state of bliss and feel #blessed at all times?!

kingfishergreen · 29/06/2017 16:39

How do you feel about 'Pregno Warrior'?

UnbornMortificado · 29/06/2017 17:40

I threw up and pissed myself slightly in Morrisons today. Then cried.

Very blissful.

QuirstThenching · 29/06/2017 17:43

Unborn, I work in Morrisons and about 90% of our customers do the same so I wouldn't worry too much about it

AlmostAJillSandwich · 29/06/2017 17:48

Not unreasonable at all!
We all have terminology we absolutely hate, regardless if we are pregnant or not, so it's not to do with hormones either.
I'm with you on hating all of those terms, i also have most of the slang terms for penis and vagina also, particularly the crude ones.

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