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AIBU to keep DS off school for this??

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Autvet · 29/06/2017 06:12

Don't know what to do for the best... DS 9, has ASD,been awake since 1.30 am just... because! Probably anxiety about something ( I am trying to work on this) ... should I keep him off school or send him??

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Myotherprofile · 29/06/2017 06:13

Depends what he's like at 8am but I'd probably send him to try and make sure he keeps to a normal routine and doesn't sleep in the day and not tonight.


HareTodayDragonTomorrow · 29/06/2017 06:19

I'd send him because I wouldn't put it past mine to try it again if he knew it got him out of school. It I would let the teacher know and if I was planning to be at home, I'd let her know I was home in case he needs sending home.


GrumpyInsomniac · 29/06/2017 06:23

It's a tough one. My son does not have ASD but I have when he was younger kept him off in similar circumstances, as I didn't want to set him up to fail, so to speak, and I knew the day would not go at all well on that little sleep.

So you wouldn't be unreasonable, in my book. How does your son respond to last minute changes in routine? I'm guessing you're trying to avoid a meltdown, but it can be tough to find that right balance Flowers


Autvet · 29/06/2017 06:55

Thank you for your advice. He's yawning but not emotional... happy to go to school. I think he'll hold it together and then I'll have an awful evening ConfusedWine

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FinallyThroughTheRoof · 29/06/2017 07:02

Send him , IMe he will be surprisingly fine on little sleep and you need a rest.


Autvet · 29/06/2017 07:21

Working all day Sad wish I could go to bed!!!!!

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HareTodayDragonTomorrow · 29/06/2017 07:22

Pre-empt it! What are your usual strategies when he is over tired?
Easy to eat dinner / favourite food.
Get a new film / let him watch his favourite.
As soon as he gets in preface everything with "I know you must be tired, so let me help you with that." Bag sorting, homework, whatever.
"I know you're tired, that's no excuse for rudeness/hitting your sister, lets do this instead."
Try to re-inforce his feeling awful is linked to no sleep.
Plan for a crap evening and you'll find it easier!


Autvet · 29/06/2017 07:32

Good idea!!! A DVD/ pizza evening might be called for I think ! X

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