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To pray that Nurses and Teaches get their pay cap removed tonight

30 replies

jdoe8 · 28/06/2017 19:10

Not sure exactly what time the vote is, but should be soon.

Really hoping this is removed and they are paid more.

OP posts:

EvonneGoolagong · 28/06/2017 19:20

YANBU! But even if it is removed I still think we'll have a long wait for anything to show up in our payslips!


stella23 · 28/06/2017 19:21

Why? Teachers and nurses don't have a monopoly on lowo pay?


Ineedagoodusername · 28/06/2017 19:22

Agree Stella everyone forgets about social workers who get crap pay.


oldbirdy · 28/06/2017 19:25

And local government workers, social workers, police.....

I'm a psychologist employed by an LEA. Haven't had a proper pay rise in 10 years, just 1 percent a couple of times.


jdoe8 · 28/06/2017 19:44

Sorry I mean all public sector workers. It's not won tonight :( Soon thought when JC is in power..

OP posts:

SeagullsStoleMyChurro · 28/06/2017 19:44

And they didn't Sad DUP helped ensure that.


Theresnonamesleft · 28/06/2017 19:57

And what percent are the mp's awarding themselves this time? They should Have a freeze


StillDrivingMeBonkers · 28/06/2017 19:58

IPSA awards MPs

I'm afraid it was 309 ayes to 323 nays to the removing the cap.


Bunbunbunny · 28/06/2017 20:01

But they could find a billion for DUP .....


harderandharder2breathe · 28/06/2017 20:40

Sadly the magic money tree is all tapped out after buying 10 votes for Β£1billion

I know who i would prefer to have got the money and it's not 10 homophobic, anti-abortion MPs propping up TMs weak government


BeingATwatItsABingThing · 28/06/2017 20:45

Even if the cap is removed, the schools, hospitals, etc. get no extra money. They just have to find more money from their dwindling budgets. I'm not saying that public sector workers shouldn't get a pay rise I'm a teacher but the government don't lose anything by voting yes.


lougle · 28/06/2017 20:56

Do you realise the cost of even a 1% pay rise? It's estimated at Β£500 million pounds for NHS staff alone. I'm a nurse and I understand the frustration, but realistically, it all comes at a cost.


zeezeek · 28/06/2017 21:17

Just another example of how Tories can find the money when it is something that benefits them, but to hell with everyone else.


Ineedagoodusername · 28/06/2017 21:25

I think the unions need to step up. Tories paid for an election and the DUP pay off yet can't fund a payrise for public sector workers who haven't had a payrise for years.


DancesWithOtters · 28/06/2017 21:26

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

IDontBowlOnShabbos · 28/06/2017 21:33

But how much money does the public sector put into the economy?

How much money is saved by keeping people healthy/alive so they can work?

How much money is saved by keeping people safe and deterring criminal behaviour?

How much money is made by giving people a proper education so they can go on to get a good job and contribute to society?

All this there is no money is complete crap. If we invested enough we would have a richer society. Public services are not a black hole that only benefit a few. It benefits the whole of society!


SteamTrainsRealAleandOpenFires · 28/06/2017 21:43

How much would it cost the Torys in the long run, if the Binmen decided to go on strike in London?


WhereDoesThisRoadGo · 28/06/2017 21:48

And civil servants. I have not had a pay rise for 9 years and work 50-60 hour weeks serving the lacking whims of same bastard MPs who just voted not to give us a rise.

God, it feels good to say that 'out loud'.


LurkingHusband · 28/06/2017 22:04

Do you realise the cost of even a 1% pay rise? It's estimated at Β£500 million pounds for NHS staff alone.

That's 0.5 DUP in new money


Groupie123 · 28/06/2017 22:07

So when will the private sector employees get a pay rise. Some people have had 0 percent changes for over 5-10 years.


SteamTrainsRealAleandOpenFires · 28/06/2017 22:10

mps are public sectors yes?


pottered · 28/06/2017 22:13

Let's hope this changes in the Nov budget as is being talked about.


IDontBowlOnShabbos · 28/06/2017 22:16

That's a very bitter perspective Groupie. I don't get something so nobody else should.

What job is it you do where you haven't had a pay rise for 10 years?


SteamTrainsRealAleandOpenFires · 28/06/2017 22:21

Nowt will change, except that mps will get an extra 1-5% on annual 10% top ups, but everyone will have to get used to another 1-5% pay cut .


flumpybear · 28/06/2017 22:25

HERES HOPING!!!!!! 🀞🏻🀞🏻🀞🏻🀞🏻🀞🏻

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