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Aibu to throw all "dps" things onto the river

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notlikecherrycola · 27/06/2017 18:14

delivered so has been cheating again on he left monday morning took bank cards and money left me with no cash . I can't cope i have no friends or family to turn too . the kids as much as i love them are hard work (eldest has autism and other 2 are 3 and 1 both still bfeeding to sleep etc) .

I just want to run away from it all . Why does he get to get away scot free yet i have to suffer ? I'm trying to hold it together for the kids but inside im a mess.
wibu to throw every single item of his in the river directly across from us ?

OP posts:
SomeOtherFuckers · 27/06/2017 21:37

Ask a neighbour for bus fair? If I didn't know you and you were a neighbour in this situation I'd help you out ( well I'd drive you but many don't drive)

SomeOtherFuckers · 27/06/2017 21:38

Oh you sorted that x nm x

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