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To expect my Mothers Day Flowers to last longer than 3 days?

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MamaD · 22/03/2007 10:11

My DH bought me a wonderful bunch of flowers from Interflora, and paid extra to have them delivered actually on Sunday. They were a mixture of Lillies, Roses, Freesias, Tulips and Daisies (?).

When they arrived I was slightly concerned as the foliage was already looking a bit droopy, but as of last night I have had to bin them as they are all dead (except the tulips which are now looking really sad and lonely in a huge vase on their own!)

I am really disappointed and Dh is furious as he says they were V expensive.

Should I complain? What if they ask for proof as I have already chucked them?

OP posts:

ArcticRoll · 22/03/2007 10:15

I would complain.
I ordered bouquet for mil from John Lewis and when they arrived some of the roses were already on their way out.
My mil phoned up John Lewis (she is the queen of consumer complaints) and I received full refund.


helenhismadwife · 22/03/2007 14:42

that is really disapointing I would definately complain.


ScottishThistle · 22/03/2007 14:46


My Aunt once bought a bouquet from Waitrose & within 2 days they were history, she took them into the shop & they gave her a fresh bouquet & a voucher for another one!


Thcc · 09/04/2023 23:34

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