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To panic that DP isn't home?

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whereiscaroline · 26/06/2017 22:11

DP had a busy day at work today. Working on a site about an hour from our home.

Haven't heard from him all day (not unusual) bar a phone call at 19.45 which I missed. Tried calling him back 10 mins later, no answer.

It's not unheard of for him to be home late, but not this late (it's now gone 10pm) without letting me know. I've text and called him several times with no response.

I'm now panicking a bit and thinking the worst, road accident etc. I can't get into his Find My IPhone as I don't know his password. I've checked the route I think he would take home and can't find any mention of any accidents.

AIBU to be really worried? If not, what should I do?!

OP posts:
NashvilleQueen · 26/06/2017 23:20

Glad he was is ok. As an aside can you charge a phone in the car without the engine running? That's something I didn't know.

justkeepswimmingg · 26/06/2017 23:30

Not an over reaction at all OP. I get the same fears. My DH drives his motorbike to work and back, an hour commute each way. If I can't get hold of him, and he has given me a rough time he'll be home - and he isn't, then I completely panic. I scan the internet for bike accidents, and even sadder terror attacks (he works in London). He doesn't always work at the same location, so it's hard to check his routes. He knows how anxious I get, but I understand he is usually very very busy and not available to check his phone. Glad your DP arrived home safely OP.

pringlecat · 26/06/2017 23:34

Do you have an iPhone, iPod and/or iPad yourself? This is what Find My Friends is good for - checking very close friends and family are where they're supposed to be and not in a hospital or ditch.

Find My iPhone is to find your own devices. Find My Friends is to find other people's. Worth setting up to avoid the next panic.

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