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To put my bin down instead of flinging it down?

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TDHManchester · 26/06/2017 18:34

In my area we have smallish green food waste bins for recycling.

Once the lid is shut its fully sealed and has a pull up black handle to loc k the bin to stop cats etc prowling in it.

Food goes in supplied compostable bags that you then tie and put in bin.

When they collect them, they have a habit of going around with a bigger green wheelie bin,tipping all the smaller green food bins into the bigger one (great idea) then just flinging your smaller bin on the ground.

Lids get broken off or chipped rendering them useless

To cap it all the council thinks i should pay for a new one when it got damaged due to the mishandling by their agents.

Also it is their bin not mine

OP posts:
StillDrivingMeBonkers · 26/06/2017 18:35

Our council just replaces them.

abbsisspartacus · 26/06/2017 18:38

Film them show the council?

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