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To think killing SiL would be a service to humanity?

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tinkerbellhadpiles · 21/03/2007 21:41

ARRRRGGH back from 24 hours with the outlaws. MiL old, doddery but quite nice (apart from the rampant racism, senile dementia and funny smell). SiL on the other hand is a TOTAL SELF CENTRED BITCH!!!
Within one day she said the following:
(1) After telling us how green she was, and being told that her council had been known to send the recyclables to China to be dumped rather than take care of them: 'oh well it's China, it's not here right, so that's okay'.
(2) After her brother lost his wife after 30 years of marriage - in front of said brother 'well of course it was very difficult for me at the time, I'm still upset now'
(3) When my DD cried because she had been forced to go out in the cold and was late for a feed: 'god she's demanding isn't she, not like my dogs who are very loyal'
(4) In front of her elderly mum discussing changes to the house they both share: 'of course while we do have to consider mum's needs now, I'm really planning for after she dies, because I'll still have the house'
(5) After having completely fued up her PC by installing dodgy software to save paying five flipping quid for a decent utility 'well I don't see why you can't fix it for me, you are supposed to be the expert' (yes and people pay me a lot to be able to be rude to me, you don't pay, I just teach your computer to be mean to you when you really need it heheh).

I really think as a service to humanity I should be allowed to run her over......
....with a large truck
----full of lead
--several times

OP posts:

tigi · 21/03/2007 21:46

I'm ready to kill my SIL too, so I'll join you. She is a mean cantancarous miserable old cow!
never happy unless she is moaning. Constantly looking to pick a fight with anyone she can goad! I have never ever met another soul like her, how did i end up with her as a SIL?


tinkerbellhadpiles · 21/03/2007 21:48

Mine has a broom or similar hard object stuck up her arse as well, she puts on this 'oh I'm so posh and well bred' accent, yet I married into the family and they come from the same part of the midlands as me and frankly she's about as well bred as mouldy Hovis!

Perhaps we can start a SiL's club and get them all the feck off somewhere for a very long holiday - I'd pay for mine to go to get rid of her.

OP posts:

madrose · 21/03/2007 21:53

are we related - your sil sounds like mine.

What a nightmare


tinkerbellhadpiles · 21/03/2007 21:56

I guess SiLs are just frustrated MiLs in waiting. Luckily my SiL hasn't managed to reproduce so her particular brand of unpleasantness with peter out eventually.

Still think we should send them all somewhere, they could complain about it to the locals. How about Bognor?

OP posts:

tigi · 21/03/2007 21:58

I can't believe that of all the people in the world, and of everyone I know, that she is my sil! She is so bitchy and confrontational. She's like a bulldog with a wasp when she's onto something. She says the nastiest things that I wouldn't even think about! She makes my mum upset, which really riles me. But as my DH says, 'imagine having her as your MIl' and THAT is so much worse than having her as a SIL!


grannycracksopenabottleofwine · 21/03/2007 22:55

i hate my sil. hate, hate, hate. ah, that's better.
i have a lovely one but she lives in another country and i have the demon one who lives a few miles away. she has not yet seen my ds who's now 7 months old. she excludes my other ds from any xmas presents because he is my dh's stepson. the only time i've been invited to her house was when they couldn't find anyone else to babysit. i've invited her sons to my ds's birthday parties but he's never been invited back (and he's lovely) i could go on and on. i'd like to send her to sit on a naughty step in the middle of a busy road. must stop now.


RosaLuxembourg · 22/03/2007 10:54

This thread is really depressing me - I can't stand either of my SILs for various reasons (they have been very mean to DH in the past) and I have got to go spend a week with them and PILs and whole flipping extended family at Easter - will be like the Waltons on crack.
God, god, god....


inanidealworld · 22/03/2007 11:03

She is joking, right?


LieselVentouse · 22/03/2007 11:05

While youre at it can you run mine over. Wont go into details but I could write a book


mumblechum · 22/03/2007 11:23

My SIL is lovely. She lives in Scotland, looks after MIL on everyone's behalf and is a professional cook. AND she looks like Kim Basinger.


TheCranberriess · 15/01/2023 01:14

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